Are you suffering from post concussion syndrome and don’t know where to turn? Have you seen multiple doctors and everyone keeps telling you to “rest”? Are you frustrated with your progress and how it is affecting your daily life?

Dr. Kerry McGinn has extensive knowledge in concussion rehabilitation. She has studied under top minds at MGH Sports Physical Therapy and participated in many continuing education opportunities to further her knowledge in this budding field. Her background in yoga, mindfulness, and breath work help her create a total mind/body approach to concussion care that is often missing in modern medicine.

Concussion care can be overwhelming, mentally and physically. Kerry is here to help oyu manage your concussion rehabilitation and takes a realistic approach. Each session will include Physical Therapy objectives such as addressing oculomotor, vestibular, cervical, and proprioceptive, AND other practices such as mindset, creating resiliency and daily habits, breathwork and nutritional recommendations. In order to properly address concussion symptoms, a holistic approach needs to be taken and Kerry can help you take a holistic approach and find the professionals you need to get your best care.

To learn more about what concussion physical therapy entails and how Kerry can help you, click here.