6 Ways to Stay Active On Vacation

6 Ways to Stay Active On Vacation…..***Without Being Compulsive about it

I love to workout. It helps stabilize my anxiety and keeps me calm in stressful situations. It is how I release my excited energy, anxious energy, angry energy, frustrate energy, energy energy. I try to work out everyday when I am home. but that is not always possible. Sometimes work gets in the way or life gets in the way. Sometimes I have to put others needs above my own and sometimes I just don’t want to workout.

I used to be a little compulsive about my exercising, especially when I knew I would be eating or drinking a lot. In my day to day life, that looked like me forcing myself through rest days in order to eat more or drink more on the weekend. I would “earn” my calories by 5 more minutes on the bike or one last yoga class. During vacation, I would NEED to get a workout in first thing in the morning or I would be anxious. There had been times when I was a little tipsy and hoped on the stationary bike to burn some calories between the beach and dinner… where I would indulge some more. ( I wouldn’t recommend this BTW).

While I now I have a much healthier relationship with exercising and indulging, I still love to stay active while on vacation. For me, moving my body, getting out in Mother Nature and being active are relaxing. In fact, they are things I look forward to on my vacation. Movement still calms my body and mind and helps me slip even deeper into vacation mode by allowing me to shut off my mind a little more. When I am home, I have to squeeze my workout in like every other task on my to do list. On vacation, I can take my time and do as much or as little as I want.

Still, I do my best not to be compulsive about it. How so?

I let myself sleep in later, even if that means a shorter workout.

I take my workout in non typical doses.

I do what I like to call “Quick and Dirty” AMRAPs.

I’ve learned some ways to satisfy my urge to move without being that person that person that holds the whole group but because they HAVE to workout…..

….and I am going to share those ways with you.


10 ways to Stay Active on Vacation

  1. Rent a bike or Stay somewhere that has bikes to use: Bike around a new city to explore, you will be able to cover more ground in less time and bikes are way easier to park in busy cities than cars. If you don’t want to sweat while exploring, biking is still a great option to get a workout in. I find biking on vacation WAY less stressful than biking in Boston so I’ll take a 30 minute bike ride for a burst of cardio first thing in the morning. Biking as my cardio workout gets my heart rate up, gets me out in Mama Nature and usually ends with beautiful views at some point in the ride. Bonus: Anyone can join in regardless of their fitness levels. My dad and I love to bike together when I visit my parents in Florida and New York.

  2. Walk: Ditch the car, Ditch the uber, save some money and burn calories along the way. Save some money. Walk to dinner. Make it leisurely, make it romantic, walk the beach, walk to get coffee, walk to explore. Challenge yourself to get in 10,000 steps a day PM vacations.  Yesterday, between our beach walk, our walk to diner and our walk to drinks, I hit over 15,000 steps— and that was with a 4 hour drive in the middle!!

    3. Quick and dirty AMRAPs: Bodyweight editions: When I'm short on time and want a quick workout, I do an AMRAP. Otherwise known as “as many rounds as possible” in X amount of time. My go to is usually 20 minutes, sometimes 25-30 minutes. When I'm on vacation in a summer or beach situation, I opt for a body weight outdoor AMRAP (check out my instagram and Facebook page for a couple of options)  When I have access to dumbbells. I throw them in for a little added resistance.

    4. Pick an active adventure for one day of your trip:  While I'm all in for lounging on the beach enjoying cocktails and reading books, it could get old fast. Pick an active adventure in the middle of the trip to break up the beach laying & cocktail sipping. Putting it in the middle of vacation gives you time to unwind from daily life before and to be as relaxed as possible when leaving. Over the years, my family and I have done anything from snorkeling, paddle boarding, kayaking, parasailing, banana boating , bike tours, tubing, to whitewater rafting, ziplining and hiking. If you're on a winter wonderland tour, my go to is obviously endless days of skiing/snowboarding but if those aren't your activities there are so many other options like snowshoeing, ice skating,  cross country skiing and snow tubing. You don't have to pick the hardest or craziest adventure. Doing something fun and easy is just as good as anything else. Movement is movement folks.

    5. Stretch in your hotel room/condo/rental:

    Whether you’re traveling in a car, train, plane or boat, you will probably be sedentary for part of your travels. All these modes of transportation lead to cramped positions, stiff muscles and lack of movement. Not many people feel good after that. And it's part of vacation all about feeling good? Taking five minutes to stretch in your room or even in your bed can go a long way to making your body feel better throughout the day. It doesn't need to be an elaborate yoga routine or an hour long practice. 5- 10 minutes I better than nothing and your body will thank you.

    6. Local workout classes:

    If you love workout classes and they motivate you, check out the local workout scene. You might find something new or find inspiration in a new teacher or studio/gym. Since I'm an instructor myself, I dont always check out local studios because I think why pay for it when u can teach myself (and family members) for free. It's a bit of a downfall on my part because any time I have explored local studios I have found new inspiration and hidden gems. I've fallen in love with the vibe of the local studio at my parents summer house. When I opted for a class in Florida, I met a local teacher who taught me some new inspiring flows and who invited me back to share essential oils with her students. Trying something new can open you up to a ton of opportunities.

There are many more ways that you can stay active and one is even just doing do the damn thing and going to the gym. Whatever you choose to do, enjoy it, embrace it and feel GOOD about it. And if you choose not to be active on vacation, then enjoy that. At the end of the day, Vacation is whatever YOU want it to be and that is differnet for everyone person. I just know that when I am active and eating healthy, I am a better person inside and out so I try to emulate that as much as possible on the road.

The trip I am currently on is the perfect example of that. We spent a couple of days lounging at my parents house with access to a gym where I worked out with my dad everyday. Now we are in Miami and I am taking a rest day. Tomorrow we head to the Everglades to kayak our way through some beautiful views (and get a good arm workout in) and then camp the night. The weekend is up in the air so we will see where it takes us.

For now, off for our morning walk and then to plant myself in a beach chair.

Oh and for the love of whoever is good in this world. Please drink water. It Helps. Promise

Oh and for the love of whoever is good in this world. Please drink water. It Helps. Promise