2017 Vision Board

Hi loves, so I'm a little late on this one but instead of writing out my 2017 goals and resolutions, I have been spending the past week or so living some of them out. My boyfriend and I are out in Colorado chasing the fresh powder in our newly outfitted (but very used) Sprinter Van, Betty. We took off on January 1st for Denver/Boulder Colorado and made it out here on Wednesday.  The past week has been exhausting and exhilarating at the same time. We have skied some amazing snow and traveled around Colorado a bit. We stopped in random towns in New York, Indiana and Kansas on our way out and met up with some friends in Boulder. It has been an adventure and a learning experience but sadly, we are on our way home now.

The past two weeks I have been busy living life but at the same time, reflecting on what I want out of 2017. What better way than a 2017 Vision Board? Last year in March I made a beautiful vision board with some of the lovely ladies of Well Boston.   We meditated, drank champagne and vision boarded our little hearts out and I loved it.  So first up on my to do list when I get back home is a 2017 Vision Board.  Along with my physical vision board comes some goals and resolutions for the new year.


For 2017, I see big things happening in all areas of my life and in the lives of those around me.  I see growth, happiness, abundance and good vibes. Basically, I got a good feeling about this one.


My overarching goals for 2017 are simple:

  1. Spend more time outdoors:
  2. Create a Spiritual Practice
  3. Invest in Myself
  4. Detox my life
  5. Embrace the things (& people) I love



These our big goals or what I like to think of has 2017 themes and they can be broken down into smaller, daily and weekly tasks to reach the overarching goal. I plan on doing a lot of journaling this year as well. I find that it helps me feel centered and less anxious throughout my week.


Spend More Time Outdoors

Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall.

Girl, Get Outside & soak up what Mother Nature has to offer. Whether its skiing some fresh powder (thank you snow gods) or just taking a moment to take a walk after dinner, I want to soak up all the outdoor time.  I want to spend more time hiking and less time watching TV.  I want to camp underneath the stars and wake up to beautiful sunrises.  I want to surf, swim and play in the ocean.  Any chance I get I want to Opt Outside (Thank you REI for the sweet tagline).

Some more specific goals for this year:

  • Learn to Surf
  • Ski frequently
  • Rock Climb Outdoors
  • Try 10 new hikes
  • Spend more time in a hammock
  • Sleep outdoors 15 times this year (Thanks Kapple for this idea J )
  • Plant a beautiful garden (& remember to water it!!)


Spiritual Practice

Spiritual means something different to everyone and I am continuously exploring what it means to me.  I want to create spiritual practice that is tailored to personal beliefs, values and ideals. I want to learn the ins and outs of what spirituality means to me.

Some more specific goals:

  • Learn more about & practice Kundalini Yoga (?)
  • Daily Meditation
  • Research Essential Oils & their connection to spirituality: interweave them in my spirituality practice
  • Weekly Yoga classes
  • Explore reiki and other alternative healing modalities
  • Daily gratitude practice


Invest in Myself

This goal is a double whammy for you. (a.k.a. How I made 5 overarching goals into 6 goals)

With all I have going on, I still want to get more specific in what I want for my life and take real actions to get there. Part of this is getting specific on what I my dreams are for my careers and taking financial and educational steps to be there.  So half financial, half time goal: how do I want to invest my money and how do I want to invest my time? I want to choose a few services, products, etc that will help me advance my current side hustle. I also want to create a better plan on when to invest time in my side hustle & when to invest time in graduate school. (balance, ya know?)

Another part of this goal is I want to invest time, money and energy bettering myself and believing myself. I touched upon the believing in myself above with investing in my goals and dreams for my career. On top of that, I want to invest time in improving myself from the inside out with inner work and invest time in self care to keep me my best self from the outside (at inside)

Some more specific goals:

  • 1 self care habit everyday
  • Weekly self care session (IE: tea & face mask, reading a good book, listening to longer meditation, manicure, massage)
  • Daily journaling (morning and evening)
  • Weekly longer journaling sessions
  • Invest in 1 service that will make my life easier (email service, scheduling service)
  • Invest money in redoing my blog (manifesting someone to help me create my vision for my blog)
  • Invest time in weekly blog posts
  • Invest in a photoshoot for this page
  • Invest time in more workshops and classes for yoga, personal training and essential oils
  • Create a generalized BUT solid plan on hours for school work vs hours for side hustle vs working out vs socializing (because it’s all important to me)
  • Dedicate myself to my daily/weekly workouts
  • Read one book for fun a month



Detox My Life

Over the past year or two, I have become increasingly interested in the toxins in my daily life and daily routine and the process of eliminating them.  After attending my first Well Summit and learning from all the amazing women there, I slowly started trading traditional toxin filled products with natural, toxin free products.  I have done more research on the products I put into my body and listened to experts in the health, beauty and food industry but I still have SO much to learn and so much to trade in.  My goal for this year is to continue the process and continue to detoxify my life. In addition to detoxing the things I use daily, I want to detox my body through healthy eating (when I get back to my kitchen) and I want to practice daily detox habits to keep my body happy and healthy.

Some more specific detox goals:

  • Trade in all my makeup for nontoxic versions (Main wants/needs at the moment: mascara & eyeshadow)
  • Use Essential Oils to replace as many products in my home as possible (DIY the sh*t out of 2017)
  • Make & Use all Natural cleaning products
  • Plan a 3-5 day homemade detox (not necessarily a juice cleanse or “real” detox but a couple of days of supreme gut reset & eating clean)
  • Research & Implement daily detox habits
    • Current habits: warm lemon water in the morning, green tea, kombucha, essential oils (grapefruit, digestive blend)
    • Interested in: more collagen?, make my own kombucha, bone broth, supplements, gut healing smoothies, gut healing foods
  • Minimize processed food in my diet


Embrace the things  (& people) I love

2017 is going to be the year of collaboration, good vibes and love.  I want to spend time with those who fuel my passions and who rise me up.  I want to support those I care about and shower them with love.   I want to consciously make choices to embrace things that I love and leave behind those that I do not.  People, material things, foods, activities. All of it. In with what serves me and out with what doesn’t.  This goal is less concrete and more of a general way I Want to live my life.  I want to be full of gratitude, love and kindness in 2017


These are just a few of the ideas that I have for my overarching goals for 2017. These are the various ways I see myself supporting the vision of what I want my life to be. This year I want to be passionate, aligned and confident. Right now, that means creating daily habits that support my beliefs and taking actions that feel right for me in that very moment.

When I get home, it’s time for some real vision boarding on paper & on pinterest. I can’t wait to manifest the best year yet.


For now, I could continue to type about the things I am going to do this year but instead I am going to go back to actually doing it.

Back to the road,