Feature Friday: Breathe

Happy Friday from the road Babes!

Today is our second day but first full day on the road for our bring Road Trip.  For those of you who might not know, Chris (the boyfriend) and I own a Sprinter van that we outfitted into a camper van for road trips and adventures.  We have taken 2 previous trips (one winter and one summer) and had SO much fun. So, we are back at it again and this time for a full month! I finished my Phyiscal Therapy boards 1.5 weeks ago and I found out a passed a couple of days ago so it's time to celebrate and enjoy a nice vacation! We are headed to be ski bums in Colorado, Utah, Washington and Oregon and meet some old and new friends along the way.


And with some free time back on my side, I have lots of plans. 

First and foremost, adventuring and skiing.

Second, reading for FUN!! (I have entirely too many books in the van BUT that means I will share all the good stuff with you!)

Third, back on board with my blog posts and some awesome oily. fitness & yoga information for you all.

And that brings me back to this post, it's time to bring back Feature Friday!

Feature Friday is a quick post on an essential oil that I've been using a lot lately about what is is, why it is great, and how to use itI


Feature Friday: Breathe


Breathe is DoTerra's Respiratory blend that contains Laurel (bay) leaf, peppermint, eucalyptus, melaleuca, lemon, ravensara and cardamom. It's main effect is it encourages you to take nice deep breaths!


This blend of oils have been studied for their abilities to open and soothe the tissue of the respiratory system.  They are also known for their ability to help combat airborne bacteria and viruses that could be harmful to the system.  Because of these qualities, this blend is really useful to help soothe asthma, congestion, emphysema, pneumonia, bronchitis, the flu, mono and sinusitis.  AKA any respiratory ailment you got, this bad boy is your new BFF.

I used to take allergy medicine everyday, until one dayI decided that I didn't want to take pills every single day so I stopped.  Occasionally, I still get hit with some bad allergies which usually manifests as a stuffy nose and a lovely nasal drip. In comes Breathe-- a swipe of breathe roller under my nose and a couple of drops of Breathe in the diffuser with its best bud OnGuard and I am good to go in a day or two.

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Breathe is also really helpful for easing anxiety.  When I smell Breathe, I instinctively take a big deep inhale to get all the goodness in my body and a nice long exhale.  That small act of encouraging a deep inhale does wonders for my anxious mind and that in itself is the beauty of this blend of essential oils.

the best part about this blend is it comes in a variety of forms depending on what you want to use it as. It comes in a 15 mL bottle of pure essential oil, a 10 mL roller bottle already diluted with fractionated coconut oil, a roll on vapor stick and throat/respiratory drops.  You can diffuse breathe, pop a throat drop or roll the vapor stick or roll on under your nose and chest!  Then all you need is to take a deep breathe and let this plant goodness work its magic.

Interested in adding Breathe to your wellness repertoire? Shoot me an email at contact@kerrymcginn.com or Check out www.mydoterra.com/kerrymcginn to explore your options!

Kerry McGinn