Feature Friday: Console

Happy Friday BAY-BAY!!

I’ve been back from vacation a for a week and slowly easing back into reality. I have taught a bunch of classes each day and began interviewing for some full time Physical Therapy jobs so I’m ready to press pause on emails. As you slip into your weekend, I am sending you some good, restful, chill vibes. So with that, I wanted to start sharing all about one of my favorite lines of from DoTerra. The Emotional Aromatherapy Line.  To kick off this fabulous line, I am going to share one of my favs— Console.

So grab your tea, put on your face mask & get ready to relax. This beautiful bottle is going to be your new favorite self care friend


First up, What is the Emotional Aromatherapy line?

The Emotional Aromatherapy line is a collection of 6 essential oil blends that provide targeted emotional health benefits for the entire family and can be applied every day to specific points on the body to help balance and brighten your changing moods.

The next couple of weeks I will go over each blend in the collection to share with you.

Console is a blend of Frankincense Resin, Patchouli Leaf, Ylang Ylang Flower, Labdunam Leaf/Stalk, Amyris Bark, Sandalwood Wood, Rose Flavor, Osmanthus Flower.

Console “The Comforting Blend" in DoTerra land and it is so beautiful.  Whether you are going through the pain of losing something or someone you love deeply and dealing with the deeply disorienting feelings of pain.  Or whether you are worried and unsettled. The Comfort blend is there to aid you in trying times no matter how big or small.  It is a blend of floral and red essential oils that help you close the door on sadness.  It is a blend that inspires feelings of hope and aids in emotional healing.


Benefits of Console Blend:

  • Aids in reducing feelings of anger
  • Improves feelings of depression
  • Is uplifting & invokes feeling of happiness
  • Aids in feelings of grief & sorrow

Uses of Console Blend:

  • Diffuse during times of loss to comfort the soul and evoke feelings of hope.
  • Apply over the heart morning and night as a reminder to be patient with healing and to think positive thoughts.
  • Apply one to two drops to a shirt collar or scarf and smell throughout the day to ward off feelings of grief and sadness.
  • Use one to two drops in the diffuser of your choice. Apply one to two drops to desired area. Dilute with doTERRA Fractionated Coconut Oil to minimize any skin sensitivity.


All you have to do is follow this link and click Join & Save for your special discount! If you have any questions, set up a FREE Wellness Consult with yours truly!

Also, If you're in Boston, I am hosting an Restorative Yoga & Essential Oil Workshop at Taireiki! Come join me for a 2 hour blissful experience and learn so much about these beautiful oils.


Kerry McGinn