Feature Friday: Lemon

Happy Friday loves!

It's Feature Friday once again!! I am laying low this evening to prepare for a daylong event with DoTerra tomorrow.  Tomorrow is The Wellness Summit in Boston and I am so excited to connect with my team.  We will be practicing Kundalini Yoga, eating delicious food, connecting in person & diving deep into your business. I love being a part of DoTerra and one of the biggest reasons is because of the beautiful, inspiring ladies I have met through this business.  I feel like they are my soul sisters and I am SO SO grateful for this badass business for bringing us together.  The funniest part is I haven't met all of them in person but I still feel SO close to them. Needless to say, I am so excited to squeeze them in person

I realized I haven't spoken about one of my staple essential oils and one I use everyday--- my guy-- Lemon. This is one of the least expensive essential oils that DoTerra has and it is one of the most used essential oils. Hence why it is in our Home Essentials Kit!


Feature Friday: Lemon

Like I said, Lemon is one of the best essential oils out there. I literally use it every day.

So let's start with some of the benefits of Lemon and what this guy is all about.

First of all, Lemon the emotional benefits. Lemon is The Oil of Focus. It helps nourish the mind and aids in concentration aka it helps improve one's ability to focus. Lemon helps restore energy, and mental flexibility. It calms fears and insecurities while restoring confidence in the Self. Lemon also inspires a natural playfulness and lightness of the heart. It helps ease feelings of depression and anxiety by restoring feelings of joy and happiness. Lemon brings joy to the present movement by inspiring energy, confidence and alertness.

Second up, the physical benefits. Lemon has soo many benefits so I am just going to start listing them. Lemon is useful for decreasing air pollution in your home (thank you diffuser!) Lemon helps soothe cold sores and decrease fevers. It aids in improving sluggish digestion and improving constipation. It can be used to decrease gout and helps purify the body.  I use lemon for improving hangovers and to boost my metabolism in the mornings. The list goes on: relaxation, decreasing stress, improving throat infection, water purification, improving flu symptoms, lymphatic cleansing, decrease overeating and improving dry throat.

What is it useful for?

Lemon can help children struggling with school. It helps individuals be mentally present and focus on one task at a time. It helps dispel confusion and leads to clarity. It can counterbalance metal fatigue due to too much studying or reading. It can really help students with learning disorders or those who have difficulty concentrating or feels incapable of learning.

How do I use it?

So I have a funny story for you... a while ago I was trying to get into a good morning routine.  I started drinking warm lemon water each morning as a part of this new routine.  I would eat a healthy breakfast after my lemon water and then head to class. It left me feeling pretty damn good.  I kept this up for a while. and then one day, I woke up late. I forgot my warm lemon water, I didn't have time for breakfast, I tripped on the way to school, I forgot my laptop.... you get the story.  Then the next day, I forgot the lemon water again. I had a test and I was beyond anxious (I suffer from anxiety at times) and it kept increasing.  I couldn't figure out why my mornings were starting so off.  I eventually got back into my lemon water and while I didn't have a good morning very morning-- they didn't feel nearly as rushed, as crappy. 

Fast forward a couple of months later and a customer is asking me what essetial oils are good for acne. I roll through my usual recommendations... Balance, Lavender, Patchouli... and then decide to take a look at my Modern Essentials App again and BOOM! There is lemon. I literally hit myself in the head with a big DUH!!

The reason drinking lemon water made my mornings feel SO good was because lemon itself was really useful for decreasing my anxiety. So I ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have lemon water in the morning.  If I can, I use a slice of lemon but normally I use a drop of lemon essential oil in 8 ounces of warm water.

I also use Lemon in the diffuser when I need to get SHIT done. In fact, I just got up and put some i the diffuser because it has been taking me entirely too long to write this post haha.  I use it to uplift my mood and sometimes I wear it as perfume! 

Those are just some of my personal favorite ways:) How do you like to use lemon EO?


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Have a great weekend! 


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Kerry McGinn