Do You Plank?

What are your feelings on planks friends? Hate them? Love them? Love to hate them?

Do you do them just because they are in your favorite workout class? or because someone told you they were good for 6 pack abs?

More importantly, do you feel good after planking? Do you feel strong & sore in all the right places? Or does your back feel funky & you never want to do them again?

Wherever you are in your plank journey— I am here for you!

If I tell you one thing, and one thing only, here it is good: Planks are good for the body, and good for everyBODY.

You might think I am being overdramatic or over exaggerating but I truly believe that everybody should be adding planks to their workout routine and I think that anybody CAN. I have some many patients tell me they are “too weak” or “too old” to do planks. Or I hear “My shoulders don’t like them.” Or “They are bad for my back.” Or the worst “I’m not fit enough to do them.  I call bull on all of the above.

You are strong enough, fit enough, good enough to do planks (in fact, to do whatever you want really— but that is a whole other story). All you need are a few tips, a graded beginning to plank protocol, some practice & BOOM! You are planking like the bad*ss you are & your body is loving it:)

Couple of tips to start you off:

  1. Start with your elbows directly below your shoulders (make sure when you press up that your shoulders stay over your elbows)

  2. Press into the ground with your forearms & engage the upper back

  3. Pull your belly button into your low spine (picture this: you are trying to squeeze into a pair of pants from 10 years and they are a little tight— those muscles— use those!!)

  4. Tuck your toes, lift your hips and keep everything in a straight line from your shoulders to your hips to your heels

  5. Press your heels back, engage your bum muscles & engage your quads (the front of your thighs)

These tips should get you started no problem! For additional modifications: Tap your knees down to the floor but follow the rest of the tips above!

So first part of the graded protocol: Start on your knees if you need to— there is no shame in that. If you feel any pain while performing it on your toes— drop to your knees!!

So Here for you graded protocol:

Start with holding the plank for 15 seconds 5 times

Once that feels easy…

hold for 20 seconds 4 times!

Once you feel super solid on that…

Hold for 30 seconds 3 times

When that is easy as pie….

Either add some movement (toe taps, leg lifts— more to come in A challenge!) OR

45 seconds 3 times

Last up— if you are bold and ready to go….

60 seconds!!

You got this! Keep planking, keep moving.

Any questions on plank or plank progression? Comment below:)

Kerry McGinnComment