Experiencing Post Concussion Symptoms? You Are NOT Alone

As I dive deeper into my career and what I want to do in this world, I have honed in on a couple of ideas that really set my soul on fire.  I plan on over time sharing those things with you all because, hey that’s what this platform is for, AND sharing my new ideas and passions with you is one of the many things that inspires me to keep moving forward

One of my main goals is to help treat patients suffering from post concussion syndrome.  I want to create resources and services to better help patients feel supported and cared for.  Most importantly, I want concussion patients to know that they are NOT ALONE.

Your standard concussion patient  can recover spontaneously recover in 5-7 days and acute concussions can sometimes last as long as 30 days.  After 30 days, people still suffering from concussion symptoms are classified as having post concussion syndrome.

A lot of times, whether acute or not, the symptoms people experience after a concussion can be distressing.  The symptoms can be all over the place and hard to track. Symptoms can be frustrating and annoying, and at times downright infuriating.  The hardest part is most people don’t know what concussion symptoms are or if what they are feeling in their mind and body is related to their concussion.  Often times, that leads to patients thinking they are crazy. Seriously, I have patients come into my clinic thinking they are downright losing it.

And that is NOT okay.  Not cool at all..

With that, I want to share some common concussion symptoms I have seen in practice so you can see that you are not alone.

Common Concussion Symptoms:

  • Dizziness

  • Headaches

  • Memory loss

  • Forgetfulness

  • Increase in anxiety

  • Depression

  • Balance issues

  • Double Vision

  • Migraines

  • Neck/Upper Back Tension

  • Eye Pain/Eye fatigue

  • Blurred vision

  • Light sensitivity

  • Trouble falling asleep

  • drowsiness

  • confusion

  • Irritability

  • Brain fog

  • More emotional

  • Difficulty concentrating

  • Noise sensitivity

  • Nausea

  • Feeling slowed down

  • Difficulty with computer work

  • Difficulty reading

Now I know this seems like a long list, and just because you have a concussion or have had one does not necessarily mean you will experience these symptoms.  As one of my wisest professors said, “If you have seen one concussion, you have seen one concussion.” Which is to say, every concussion is different and every person experiences a concussion differently.  And that is OKAY. To add to that, the above list is not exhaustive and is not meant to diagnose you with a concussion. The list is to share some common symptoms that people have and to reassure you that you are not alone.

So if you are reading this, you have experienced a concussion, and feel like something isn’t totally right, your symptoms are most likely related to your concussion.  If you are concerned at all I would recommend reaching out to a concussion literate healthcare provider (like me!!). Talking to someone who treats concussions can reassure you what is normal and keep those “am I going crazy?” feelings at bay.  

I think one of the most important pieces of concussion care, in the beginning at least, is acknowledging a patient's symptoms, letting them know they are common symptoms and they are not alone. Diving into education and exercises and treatment, before acknowledging what the patient is going though is of course an option.  However I find from my experience, that making that connection and taking a moment to talk about it reassures the patient and really aids in their recovery.

I have a lot more resources coming your way because I want you to have the support and help you need.  And remember, you are not alone!

P.S. If you have any concussion specific questions shoot me an email at contact@Kerrymcginn.com and I will write up a post or answer you directly.  If you are struggling to recover from a concussion and need support, set up a free 20 minute wellness consultation and let me help you!

When you have experienced a concussion, the recovery feels like you are walking a fine line between doing too much and too little. You don’t always know where to push yourself and where to relax. I am here to help!

When you have experienced a concussion, the recovery feels like you are walking a fine line between doing too much and too little. You don’t always know where to push yourself and where to relax. I am here to help!

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