What is Concussion Physical Therapy?

So, I hope you have already gathered on here that if you have a concussion you are NOT alone and I am here to help.  If you haven’t received that message yet, well here it is…

If you have a concussion, you are NOT alone.


I am here to help you.

Me, Really?

I am a physical therapist & yoga instructor specializing in concussion rehabilitation. I worked at MGH Sports in Boston, MA where I learned all about concussion rehab for athletes, veterans and everyone in between.  I have a specialized certification from Love Your Brain Yoga and Meditation for Traumatic Brain Injury. I have done plenty of readings and research. In fact, I am currently going through an online concussion course to learn more. So yes, I can keep listing credentials but more importantly, I care.

I care about you and your concussion rehabilitation, I care that you feel good everyday, and THAT goes a long way in your concussion progressions.

So, how do I help you?

Concussion physical therapy is really based on the symptoms that each patient presents with. One of my old professors once said “If you have seen one concussion, you have seen one concussion.” That is to say, every concussion and post concussion syndrome is experienced different by each person.  One person is not necessarily better or worse than another. Each person experiences a concussion differently and therefore, will be treated slightly differently.

To learn more about some commonly found symptoms you can check on the list here(link). This is NOT an extensive list!!  Concussion literature is ever evolving and symptoms can ebb and flow as the research comes and goes. If you think you have a concussion and one of your symptoms is NOT on the list, that does not mean you cannot be helped.  It just means your healthcare provider might need to do a little research and get a little creative.

On our first appointment together, I will assess all systems that could be affected by a concussion. I look at:

  • Vestibular system

  • Proprioception

  • Balance

  • Oculomotor system

  • Visual system

  • Lymphatic System

  • Nervous system

What the heck are these systems? No worries-- stay tuned for more information coming for each system

I also take inventory of what is being affected in your daily life:

  • Sleep

  • Nutrition

  • Exercise

  • Work/School

  • Stress levels

  • Emotional/Psychological response

  • Mood/Personality

  • Energy

  • Focus

  • Memory

Based on all of these inputs, I put together an extensive, comprehensive, and personalized program to get you back to health.  Each program looks different to each person and each program is subject to change after follow up visits as you progress.

The program is usually made up of eye exercises (your eyes have muscles too!), balance exercises, upper back and shoulder exercises, stress reduction, cardiovascular exercises, and vestibular related exercises

As a holistic physical therapist, I incorporate more than just the traditional exercises and I am continuing to add more modalities.  I like to use breathwork, yoga, meditation, mindfulness and essential oils to address common symptoms. I work on mindset, setting goals, habit tracking, and symptom tracking.  I also believe that food and what you are ingesting can play a huge role in your recovery. While I am not a dietitian or nutritionist, I have a basic knowledge of nutrition needs post concussion  I can give basic recommendations for concussion recovery and I have some colleagues I can refer to if you need more guidance there.

Overall, I work WITH you to create a program that helps you feel good in your body.  The road to recovery post concussion can be scary and frustrating and sometimes longer than you would like but I can help guide you through it.  I help you get back to the things you want to do in a safe and helpful way for you and your body. Most importantly, I am here to let you know you are not alone and you are not broken.  You are doing yourself a service, just by reading this.

So, if you are struggling with a concussion, please reach out.  If I cannot help you personally, I can help you find someone who can!

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