24 Things I Learned in my 24th Year

I'm sitting in my bed enjoying my very own bottle of White Girl Rose in my new Anchor wineglass (because I have the best friends ever and they know me all too well) and reminiscing about this past year. 24 had a lot of ups and a lot of downs.  I moved into a new apartment, I started graduate school and I gained new friends.  I got my heart broken, I failed a few tests and let stress and anxiety get the best of me. But here I am, happier than ever.


After a wonderful party with my beautiful co-host Kelley and maybe a little too much sangria, I am so grateful for all my friends and family that care so much about me. I am happy and loved. I am succeeding at school and my career and I have so many new opportunities ahead of me.  I have so much to be thankful for and so much to be happy about.

Thinking back on the past year I am happy and sad at the same time.  But overall, I am going into 25 stronger than ever. I'm ready for the next year but before going forward I want to share some tidbits I've learned.

24 things I've learned in my 24th year:

  1. You never feel bad after a good workout: In January I joined Classpass and it's the best thing ever.  I've tried loads of workout classes and I feel stronger than ever. I've decided to make the time almost every day to workout and it's helped me stay focused on school and relax when stressed out. I've truly always loved working out and it makes me feel so badass.
  2. Your heart might be broken but your life is not over: Breakups suck but they're not the end of the world. People change, time goes on, wounds heal. It might feel like your world is crashing down around you but you will survive and you will be a better person because of it. Believe me, I learned the hard way.
  3. Nourishing your body with the right food feels so damn good: I did the Whole 30 in January and it was an amazing experience.  Eating whole, unprocessed food seems hard but it truly changes how your body feels.  I don't eat Whole30 approved all the time now but I do 80% whole30 approved now.  The crazy thing is that when I eat crappy food I know exactly how I'm going to feel (hint: not great). Most days, when I'm mindful of what I'm eating, I feel great and when I'm not I know what to expect to feel like and I'm okay with it.
  4. The people who love you when you are at rock bottom are the people who count the most: This speaks for itself. Shoutout to the friends and family I've called in tears over god knows what. You are the best.
  5. Sometimes its okay to go on a full out bender and enjoy: IE: Valentine's day.  Sometimes you just accept that you are going to a girls brunch and you're probably not going to go home until you're good and drunk and full of nachos. And you might spend an ungodly amount of money on nachos and drinks and that is totally okay because you only do that once a year (Thanks mom for reminding me that I'm not a complete wacko)
  6. Any situation can change in a split second-- good, bad or otherwise: I was probably the luckiest out of my friends with clinical placements at school this summer and then suddenly, the placement was cancelled and I quickly became one of the unlucky ones. Things can change instantaneously, cherish what you have.
  7. Going all in is scary: and totally worth it.  When you have nothing to lose and you put everything on the line it is downright frightening but it's usually the most rewarding.
  8. You can't fix someone else: and it's not your job to. You can care about someone and be there for them 24/7 but you can't fix them. You can't erase all their problems and they shouldn't ask you too.
  9. Self Care is the answer 99.9% of the time: You're anxious- self care. Angry- self care, Stressed- self care.  The more I take care of myself the better I feel on a daily basis.  Whether it's a 5 minute meditation, my favorite workout class or a nice long shower, it's always worth it.  Self care doesn't need to be crazy expensive and time consuming. It's about the little things you do everyday in order to make yourself happy.
  10. Sometimes you don't know how anxious you were until you are no longer anxious on a daily basis: My base level of anxiety is sitting at an all time low these days.  Looking back on last semester I didn't realize how damn anxious I was and it's a little sad but also awesome.  I am so much happier and a lot less anxious and it feels crazy good.
  11. You can't make someone listen, even if they are hearing you: You can continue to talk and talk but there is nothing you can do that will make them actually hear you and understand what you are saying.
  12. The only person you HAVE to worry about is you: End of Story. Take care of yourself first. you won't be able to love anyone else or help anyone else unless you have taken care of yourself first.  You know how they tell you to put our on air mask on the airplane first before anyone else.... Same goes in your family life. Thanks for the Reminder Gianne
  13. You can't make someone love you: You deserve to be loved and you deserve to be loved A LOT. But you can't force someone to love you, it's not good for you or for them. Once again, learned this bad boy the hard way. (It happens, at least now I can laugh and/or look back on it and not want to hide under the covers for months).
  14. #Treatyourself isn't selfish: You deserve the world, why can't you give it to yourself? Whether it's taking yourself out to dinner or treating yourself to that cute workout shirt, you deserve it.
  15. When you put yourself out there, you open yourself up to more opportunities than you can imagine: Meeting new people and saying yes can give you SO SO much.
  16. It's fun being good at something, not matter how small or silly: I joined a soccer league and it's the best thing I've done in a while.  I used to play in high school and I was pretty good but I didn't expect to be any good at all. Some of my skills have come back and it's awesome to have fun playing and be a little good. (#humblebrag)
  17. Being passionate is sexy: Whenever I meet new people and they talk about what they're passionate about and you see their eyes light up, it's pretty sexy.  When people care it's hot.
  18. Taking care of yourself mind, body and soul makes you feel like a goddess: I have never felt better than when I nourish my mind, body and soul.
  19. Laughing with friends is the best medicine: It's an old addage but it's oh so true.  and I'm talking the big belly, laughing until you cry laughter.
  20. Tada Gan Iarracht: Nothing Without Effort: Keep an eye out for a post about this in the future.  Long story short: The things that matter most and the things that are most rewarding usually require the most effort and are usually worth it.
  21. Girls Night saves lives: I don't know what I would do without my friends and I realize how lucky I am everytime I get my dose of girls night.
  22. Learning new things is cool: Thanks to graduate school and my continued interest in the field of yoga, I have been continuously learning new things this year and it's amazing.  Sometimes I feel like my brain is going to explode with all the new information but overall, it's exciting delving deep into the world of physical therapy and yoga.
  23. Say Yes: yes to meeting new people, yes to that date, yes to that scary thing that you've always wanted to do and now finally have the chance to do.  Say yes, you won't regret it.
  24. I'm stronger than I could imagine: and I can thank the past year of my life for that.

So these might sound repetitive to you or they might sound silly but when I look back on the past year of my life this is what I have learned.  This is what I will take forward into the next year and this is what will make be better and stronger.  Life's not perfect but Life is good.


The best birthday princesses over the years

I have a good feeling that 25 is going to be the best year yet and I'm so excited.