Stress Be Gone


It's been a long, long week lovelies.  As I'm sitting here in my bed dressed up, ready to go to my boyfriend's show, I am FINALLY a little bit relaxed and not feeling anxious. A few of the wonderful highlights from the week. Realizing what "Front loading" actually means (aka HELL, if you're a professor don't front load your students, definitely don't "back load" or for that matter load at all.... be mindful, everyone has got a life ya know?), cancelled plans, expensive doctors appointments, last minute deadlines, baby day, soup stained backpack, a plain old crappy move. But what's done is done. And I have learned the hard way one too many times that it is not worth it to dwell in the past.


All week I have been meaning to write you guys my favorite anti stress tips aka my favorite ways to stay sane all semester. But sadly, I was too stressed and scatter brained to do the above.  So here we are, treating myself to a glass of wine and some chocolate.

So instead, I am here to share some of my favorite tips of how to get back on track after a crazy week:

1: Get 1 thing done on your to do list-- mine was getting my flu shot and I did a second-- returning a package. CHECK.

2: Booty day at the Gym: working out always helps me feel on my A game.  Usually all I need is a kick ass kicking in the gym to reset my brain and be able to get back on track.


3: Essential Oils: All last night I had peppermint and lavender diffusing as I studied and today the only reason I survived was Wild Orange.   The peppermint helped me perk up while studying and lavender helped ease my anxiety. Wild Orange, well that just smells like a smile in a bottle.



4: a healthy dinner.. because you can't expect to feel energized and happy with some good eats in your belly.

5: Chocolate. 'Nuff Said

6: Wine. Same as above. One glass isn't going to hurt you.

7: Fake it Til you Make it: Shower, put on your favorite outfit, put on some badass makeup and look better than you feel.

8: If all else fails, take a quick getaway. Tomorrow AM I am heading to the great outdoors. The mountains and some greenery are calling my name.


With that said, I'm out to enjoy some good music.

Namaste you all.