A Glimpse at My Workout Log

The month of March as been quite an indulgent one for me. One thing I did at the beginning of March that has kept me somewhat on track is my workout log. I decided to start a workout log to track my progress.  Between the snow days and festivities in march (St. Patty's day, birthdays, etc), I have gained a few pounds and lost some muscle tone.  I am definitely aiming to get down to my normal weight but that was the only point of this log.  I wanted to see what workouts I did week to week and how they made me feel . I wanted to see how I increased weights and repetitions and what variety I could add to the weekly routine.  I also wrote down goals for the year (kind of like new year's resolutions but a little late!) to keep me on track.


First page of my workout log! Goals! (run a 5k in 8 minutes really means run a 5k in 8 minute splits haha!)

I am all for everything in moderation so my workout log as helped me see where I need to add variety.  I also had been getting a little bored with my workout routine so it helped me see what I could change up.  After a month of logging I've realized a few things:

- Leg days are my favorite and I always feel great after leg day

- Trying new things makes me feel super badass.-- I tried a BoxStrong class at Boston Boxing and loved it! I got my ass kicked and it was awesome.

- I have lost my home yoga and meditation routine a little bit and I need to get back to it

- I HATE running on treadmills and I have missed running outside so much

- I miss yoga teacher training and yoga classes!

I'm a month in my workout log and I am SO glad I am doing it. It takes some time out of my busy daily life but it is totally worth it. It keeps my accountable and helps me see whats going on.  Last week, I decided to take measurements (waist, hips, etc), height, weight, BMI, and body fat just to have a record.  I hope to kick my workout routine into high gear before heading into graduate school so it would be interesting to see what happens to some of those numbers.  With all that said, the numbers don't really mean anything!  All I care about is feeling good. Feel good, look good you know? I am just taking measurements out of curiosity. I'm a personal trainer so everyone is always asking me how to slim down-- I want to have some concrete numbers to (hopefully) share.

Anyone else keep a workout log? Love it or hate it? I would love to hear your feedback!