Airport Yoga

Traveling takes a toll on your body.  Tight spaces, long time sitting on your ass, dehydration, lack of healthy food (or lack of preparation of healthy food which I know I'm guilty of).  As much as I love traveling, I tend to hate the actual act of traveling.  I never feel like I drink enough water on airplanes, I can't sit still in those tiny seats and I always have to get up to go to the bathroom. Forget about long car rides.  Even I've taken the drive Boston--> NY and NY--> Boston more times than I care to count I still go a little crazy on the inside.  My hips always cramp and I always have to stop (usually at the same rest stop-- I've timed it nicely by now) to stretch and walk around. and I ALWAYS want more snacks. Maybe that's just me but I kind of doubt that. When it comes down to it, I'm going to give up traveling because of minor discomforts. Especially since over the years I have found a few good tricks for making places, trains and car rides more enjoyable. In fact, I hope to travel more as I get older and have the income to spend on beautiful destinations.

The last time I was traveling home from Florida I decided to snap a few shots of yoga poses to do on the go. All you need is an airport waiting chair and an acceptance that people might stare. but that's okay-- they're jealous that a- they didn't think of it first or b- your butt looks so good in your yoga pants.

Airport Yoga Poses


Seated Figure 4 Stretch

The How: Sit on the edge of your chair, plant your right foot flat on the floor with your knee bent, cross your left ankle over your right leg.  Hinge forward at your hip, hands come into prayer position, one elbow presses into your left knee to gently press the leg out and one elbow presses onto left ankle to stabilize.  Hold for 30 seconds, switch sides.


Hamstring Stretch

Standing about a leg length distance from the chair, place your right heel on the chair, sit your hips back and hinge forward from your hips. Hands reach for the arms of the chair or on either side of your foot on the chair.  If your hamstrings are tight you might not even be able to hinge forward from your hips and that is 100% OKAY-- just place your heel on the chair and breathe into the stretch. Hold for 30 seconds, switch sides.


Calf stretch

Place one leg behind the other, in a split lunge stance with both toes pointing forward.  Keeping your back heel flat on the floor bend into your front knee. Hold for 30 seconds, switch sides!


Seated spinal Twist

Sit up nice and tall with your feet flat on the floor in front of you.  Twist to the left by placing your left hand on the back of the chair behind your and your right hand on your outer left thigh or the opposite arm of the chair.  Make sure you are twisting from your belly and don't force the twist. Switch sides!


5 minute meditation

Take 5 minutes to yourself to slow down is never a bad idea.  Even better when your running from check in to security lines, from flight to flight.  If you have a layover, take 5 minutes to listen to music and meditate-- might even calm your nerves if you are a nervous flier!


My Number 1 Best tip for traveling is:

  1. Bring an empty water bottle to the airport with you: So much cheaper than buying a water bottle at the airport and almost every airport has a special spot to fill up water bottles (good for the environment too!!) I never go anywhere without a water bottle

Namaste & Happy Travels!