All about progress

(This is an old post from my last blog but it goes well with my next post) Through my yoga teacher training I have definitely gotten stronger (mentally and physically) but I didn't realize how much so. I hadn't tried any of the more difficult poses and I hadn't appreciated the strength. I have realized how strong and capable I feel in my chatturanga and in my life, in general. That's functional and daily strength.

Today I decided to have some more fun with my new found strengths.

This was a few weeks ago:

And this was today:

A little bit of progress right?! Scorpion pose here I come! I know my hands/shoulder positions are a little messed up but I'm working on it. I definitely think it would be better if I had warmed up with a whole hip opening sequence but unfortunately, I did not.

Here is my tripod handstand with a fun twist and a festive background:

My elbows always manage to creep out but I'm working on it.  This was just out of the blue in my parents living room. I had the sudden urge to be upside down and I went with it. My favorite yoga is the yoga I want to so right then and right there. #stopdropandyoga anyone?

Next picture is my favorite and I'm sooo soo happy about it.

My sister helped me keep proper alignment. I kicked up and she caught my legs and then put my legs where they should be.. Feet stacked over knees, knees stacked over hips, hips stacked over shoulders. Once I felt that proper alignment the pose felt so much easier. This was my first time successfully holding this for longer than 10 seconds. 5 minutes later I was able to slowly pop up on my own.

So happy for all the progress today. It was absolutely amazing to attempt these poses and was invigorating.