And the next step is.....

Assisting!! My new endeavor is assisting at Prana Power Yoga! Today I screened at Prana Power Yoga in Cambridge to be apart of their assisting team. I am SO excited to share that I passed the screening.

I assisted one of my teachers at Teacher Training and he was the one who taught us assisting so I was a little nervous. The screening takes place during a regularly scheduled class and you have to assist the one person one on one throughout the whole class. weird, I know!  I was definitely nervous and self conscious about the whole thing.  On top of that, it took me forever to find parking in Central Square and I thought I was going to be late so I was super stressed going into it. (I HATE being late. It is one of my personal pet peeves and it stresses me out hard. silly I know-- sometimes you can't control the situation).


Breathe & Relax, relax, relax

Even with all the crazy snow parking & crazy drivers I made it just in time to my screening.  I was screening during a class taught by one of my favorite teachers Kate. I had done a few of my assisting hours with her so I felt a little more comfortable.  I felt like I might be able to predict her next move or know how long she was holding each pose.  The hardest part about assisting for me is knowing how long each pose is going to be held for.  When you are doing your own teaching and assisting, you know when you are holding a nice, long downward dog or forward fold.

The hour of assisting flew by and I felt really comfortable (& only a little weird assisting only one person.)  Next, I have to shadow a current assistant and then I can pick up my own weekly class.

I really love assisting and I forgot how much I loved it until I finished my screening.  I know how good it feels to get a juicy assist while practicing so it is really great to be able to do that for someone else.  For me, it is very calming experience and quite similar to a yoga class for me.  I find it meditative and good for my mind and body.  At the same time, assisting can be exhausting-- energetically, physically and mentally.  You are giving a small part of yourself and your energy to each person you assist.  You are sending your breath and energy to them in order to enhance their practice.  You are also in a heated room.

Stay tuned for when I start assisting a consistent class!