Balancing Act

Hi there, it's been two weeks I know. and I apologize.  I'm realizing that I cannot post everyday on here or on instagram even though I want too. I might not even be able to post every other day BUT I won't stop posting completely.  That I can promise.  It's all about balance these days for me.  Graduate school has been consuming my time for the past two weeks but I've been trying to keep time for yoga, working out and seeing my friends and boyfriend So here we are back at Balance.


A little wobbly- Balance (physical and mental) is important.

Balance, is a huge part of one's yoga practice. Balance, is a huge part of life. Balance is needed in relationships. Balance, is a part of your diet. Balance, is needed in your workout routine. Yet, it is so easy for let all the above become unbalanced.  and at times its a domino effect.

Let's go with a quick scenario here....

School (or work) become really crazy. You don't have time to go to the grocery store that week so you are eating out every meal. Forget about the gym, there isn't enough time for you to even drive there let alone get a workout in. You start out eating salads and chicken and healthy fats and slowly start ordering pizza, fried food and everything you ever craved instead. Now the gym is a far off idea and you forgot you even had a membership.

Now let's be real. This is an extreme case but it's definitely happened to you before. Well at least it has happened to me.

During extremely busy stressful times in your life it is important to realize that every little bit counts.  So what if you can't get to the gym? A 15 minute run around the block counts. 2 60 second planks a day is a great start.  Don't have time for a full yoga class everyday? A 15 minute at home yoga session is perfect to put you in a better mindset and center yourself. So What if you can't cook a healthy, pinterest perfect meal every night? Cook up some chicken and grains Sunday night and change up the sauce you use.  Order from your favorite take out place but nix the heavy sides.   You can't go out every time your friends are because you are swamped with work? Make the effort to go to the important events.  Make time to see those important to you-- go for a run with a friend (two birds one stone!) or cook a healthy meal together.  Every time you hang out with someone doesn't have to be an all night event.

Believe me, I don't have it perfect.  I struggle to balance my life everyday.  There are some weeks that I just don't get to do everything I want to do but that is okay.  I'm aware that my life needs balance and I am still figuring out how to perfectly balance everything with my new schedule.  Graduate School has been a huge change for me and each week my schedule is a little different. I've been struggling with balancing everything but I have been trying. I will get it one day (I mean I have 3 years of this... I'm hoping I get it after 3 years haha)

One thing I have learned these past three weeks is you have to set your priorities.  Right now, school is my top priority (as it should be-- right mom and dad?).  But working out and have a social life are also very important to me. Sleep-- how could I forget sleep- is VERY important to me. I do not function well on little sleep.  I would rather go to bed early and wake up early to get school work or a workout done.  I cannot pull all nights (I would not be a pleasant person). I know this so I can plan my week a little better.  It takes time and thought but I've been doing it-- one week at a time.

It's all about finding what works for you and balancing what is important to you.  How do you balance your daily activities? Any tricks to get everything in?


Finding a little piece and balance on a rocky float on vacation in Grand Cayman's