Beginner's Guide To Yoga

Yoga For Beginners


Low Pushup: One of the basic poses. An important one to learn properly so you don't get injured

I've had a few people ask my how to get started with yoga so I decided to share my best tips with you all. There are many different types of yoga and many different ways to get started.  My tips are what I have learned from my journey and the studios I have been a part of so take it all with a grain of salt. As with any exercise or healthy habit, you have to do what works best for you and sometimes you have to try out a few things before you know what is your favorite.

Your First Class

You have to options for your first class:

1. Go to a beginners class for you first time. It might be a little boring and slower but they will break each basic pose down for you

2. Go to any class but take it at your own pace and look up some poses online beforehand  (Yoga Journal is a great resource).

No matter what you do, take each class at your own pace. listen to your body and don't push yourself too hard.

Types of Yoga

I personally take hot yoga or heated power yoga. I always like to preface this with I do NOT take Bikram yoga. I really don't think Bikram is that safe for your body, it's too hot and some classes don't let you drink water. On the other hand, I really like hot yoga because its refreshing in a weird way. BUT you have to be careful and stay hydrated and listen to your body (my biggest piece of advice).

I mainly practice power vinyasa yoga and like quick flows but sometimes my body craves something different. Sometimes I need to go a little slower and I usually practice at home during those times but there are yoga studios for that.

A great source for the different types of yoga is this article by Yoga Journal.  Some styles emphasize chanting, some are quicker paced, some more athletic and some are more spiritual.


More advanced poses such as headstand

Boston Studios

Here are some of my favorite studios in Boston

1. Prana Power Yoga (Cambridge, Newton & Winchester Studio)- this is where I did my teacher training and its my favorite (I might be biased because I am also on the sub list here!!!)... Classes are pretty quick paced but they have beginners classes as well

2. North end yoga-- Beautifull studio but hard to get to if you don't live in the north end. They have a variety of different classes on the schedule and great workshops

3. Downunder Yoga- brookline and newton-- has a few different types of yoga there. I've been told to check out there Iyengar classes but I have yet to make it there. (definitely on my bucket list for August)

4. Acorn yoga- oak square-- small studio and a little different setup but still great yoga.  They have Glowga on Friday and Saturday nights! I haven't tried it yet but it is also on my bucket list..

A few studios I want to try:

1. Charlestown Yoga: I am at grad school in the Charlestown Navy Yard and I will be living in Charlestown so it's my next try

2. The Yoga Room: also in Charlestown

My Biggest piece of Advice overall is to listen to your body.  Try out a few classes, try out a few teachers and try out a few studios.  See what you like best but give it time.  You might not like the first studio you go to or the first class you go to but don't give up.  I am so disppointed when friends or family come to me and tell me they hated the yoga class they went to and they don't want to go to another.  Different classes are good for different people and unfortunately, (I hate to say this) some teachers might not be good.  It's a booming business and there are all different approaches to the practice.  This leaves a lot of room for variety and disparity.


Open your heart to new opportunities and new yoga classes (Camel Pose)

I hope you all give yoga a try! If you have any questions please email me at  I am currently available for private yoga training as well! Sometimes it's great to get some one on one help!