Best Yoga Poses Post Move In Day

The past few days I have been crazy busy with moving and unpacking. The past two weeks I have been so busy with packing and then unpacking.  If you haven't guessed already, I have officially moved into Charlestown to be closer to school & explore a new area of Boston. With that said, the past few days of lifting heavy furniture, moving walking up and down stairs, and just spending all my time packing (most of this done with poor posture eventually) has left my body feeling wrecked. Sore, cranky and covered in knots.

Soon, Here are a few of my favorite poses to do post move:

  1. Cat Cow Tilts: Start in Tabletop position. Inhale lift your heart and lift your tailbone, Exhale tuck your chin, tuck your tailbone. Keep your hips stacked over your knees and your wrists stacked under your shoulders. Repeat for a few rounds to open your upper back and reset your spine.


2. Downward Dog: Nothing better than Downward Facing Dog

Plant all 10 fingers firmly onto the ground, pressing your knuckles in the ground. Shoulders blades melt down your back as your chest gently presses towards your thighs. Your Hips are the highest point of your Downdog as you lengthen your spine and the backs of your legs towards the floor. To modify, bend your knees slightly. Let your head hang heavy, shake it yes and no to release any tension in your neck and upper back.  Peddle your feet out, bending one knee and then the other to work in the lower legs (calves.) Stay for as long as you would like.


3. Sphinx Pose:

A gentle back bend to open your chest and release tension in your back.  Press your thighs and tops of your feet into the mat.  Your elbows are directly underneath your shoulders, forearms parallel with your plans flat on the mat, gently pressing into the mat.  Roll your shoulder blades down your back and lift your heart through your arms.  Eyes gaze at a point about a foot in front of you to keep your spine and neck long.


4. Puppy Pose: One of my new favorites

Standing on your knees, slowly begin to walk your hands away from your thighs.  Reach your hands as far as comfortable for your body while still keeping your hips stacked over your knees.  Gently start to release your chin and chest to the ground. Breathe into the space you have created.


5. Pigeon Pose: Release your outer hips and hip flexors

I LOVE pigeon pose.

From Downward Dog, Extend your right leg, bend your knee and open up your hip. Square your hips off and bring your right knee to your right wrist, gently guide your right foot towards your left wrist, not forcing it. Extend your left leg down your mat and untuck your toes. Pause for a moment with your hands on your mat or your shin and carefully set yourself up equally over both hips. Stay here or when your are ready slowly walk your hands out (not launching yourself) onto your forearms and then lowering your head to a mat or block. Stay here for 3- 5 minutes. Switch sides!


6. Meditate: Take a few minutes out of a stressful moving day to find a comfortable seat and return to your breath.  Count your inhales and exhales. Repeat a mantra, follow along with a guided meditation, Inhale through your nose and out through nose.  Take some time for yourself.