Birthdays, Bouldering & Beer

Yesterday was my freshman year roommate's, Yulia, 24th birthday.  Yes we are still friends because Tufts did a great job of pairing us up.  We are very different but get along very well- probably because we are so different.

Anywho, yesterday was her birthday so we had a night of bouldering and beer and it was amazing. Yulia has been bouldering for about 4 years now and had been begging me for 3 years to go with her.  Sometime last year I caved in and went. And as per the last post, I LOVED it. It's a great way to challenge yourself and totally different from any sort of exercise I had done before.  I realized how bad my grip strength on my left was compared to my right. (I had surgery on my left wrist senior year of college soooo I blame that or maybe I'm just super right hand dominant). I used muscles in my forearms that I didn't realized existed and my lats got quite a workout without even knowing it. Needless to say, It's a fun and different workout to do especially with friends. I'm glad Yulia finally got me to go.

Unfortunately, I am not able to go consistently due to the price and how far away it is from where I live now.  I try to go every now and then as a fun way to do something active. Yulia's birthday was the perfect excuse to get my butt over to Somerville.

We go bouldering at Brooklyn Boulders in Somerville and it is the coolest place ever. They have bouldering, top roping, yoga, free weights, cardio equipment, slacklines and so much more.  I know a ton of people use it as a gym not just for climbing.


Love this "Exist to Inspire"


Only half the walls available.

We spent like an hour/ an hour and a half bouldering. It's so easy to get tired fast. You have to learn how to pace yourself. You start to realized how much endurance plays a role into bouldering when all your muscles are fatigued after 4 climbs. LIke I mentioned earlier, grip strength plays such a huge role in bouldering. I 100% trust my right hand to hold me up more than my left hand which makes some "moves" hard for me. You have to follow the colors to get to the top. Each color is named from V0- V10. V0 is the easiest and V10 is the hardest. I can manage V0, V0+, V1 and maybeeee V2. Yulia on the other hand is a beast. She can do at least V4s maybe some V5 and V6


Yulia warming up on A V0+


You need to chalk your hands up so your sweaty palms don't make you sweat( is that just me)


The other Kerry came with us too!


Yulia beasting it in the cave!


Me taking on some underhand grips.


You have to let your body hang a little away from the wall so you don't use too much energy and muscle keeping yourself super close to the wall.


A nice shoulder opener for my March yoga challenge (more to come on that) after a night of climbing felt wonderful.


Yulia working on her grip strength in the training room. This was at the end of the night. Like I said, beast. I couldn't even hold on to my phone to take the picture by this time.

Next door to Brooklyn Boulders is Aeronaut Brewery. We stopped by for some quick refreshments to celebrate Yulia's Birthday some more post climbing. Aeronaut is awesome and in a warehouse type of building. We got a flight to share between the three of us so we could share a bunch of different beers.IMG_6900

Our flight!



Namaste :)