Blizzard Motivation

Currently, I am stuck indoors and there is a LARGE amount of snow on the ground.  Boston is blanketed. These past two weeks I have been traveling a lot which means I have had less time to workout and more time for junk food to sneak into my diet.  On top of that, I've been snowed in for the past 24 hours with my boyfriend and his roommates and a lot of candy and chips.  I've attempted throwing some fruit into my diet and some protein juices (more to come on new ones I tried!). As soon as I am done being snowed in, I am back on the nutrition and exercise wagon. Honestly, I miss my longer, harder gym routines.  I miss the feeling of a hard workout and good nutrition. Time to hit the restart button.  

Here is a little motivation to get you started too: 



Good luck & get going.