Boston Boxing


Last night my friend Amanda and I decided to finally try the BoxStrong class at Boston Boxing. My coworker at Gymit and one of the patients at physical therapy highly recommended the gym and I've been wanting to check it out for a while. I recently bought a Living Social deal for 8 classes so I figured I better get after it.

The class was an hour and a half long and I'm not going to lie we were a little nervous.  The gym was awesome but kind of intimidating.  I have never been to a boxing gym before so I didn't know what to expect.


The ring!



First, we started jumping rope for a warmup. I haven't jumped rope in forever so that was interesting.  We also kind of got yelled out because we were planning to start on the dot at 6:30 so we were chatting. whoops. We had some time for stretching after that and then Shelly took us into the cardio portion.

We did hight intensity intervals of 20 seconds on 20 seconds off of two different exercises. Three rounds. Double burpees, pushups, side plank dips, star jumps, knee tucks, ring jumps, plank swings. This lasted about 15 minutes and REALLY got our heart rates up.

After that, we did the strength portion of the class which consisted of upper body TRX style exercises, kettleball exercises, lunges, squats, box jumps and more burpees! I definitely "felt the burn" on all of those exercises especially in my upper body.  My upper body muscles are the weakest muscles in my body so I was struggling at times.  Definitely showed me what I need to work on. As I have been noticing lately, my shoulders and chest are way behind the rest of my body.  Amanda had to agree and said her upper body was the weakest.

Then we went into the boxing portion. We did heavy bags with speed work and power work. Amanda and I shared a bag and learned some of the general punching techniques. We learned the proper stance and some different punches (if thats what you call them).  I had remembered some of the steps from when my friend Katie showed me and that definitely helped.

We ended the class with a killer core workout.  Medicine balls, planks and lots of crunches.  It felt great!

Overall, we loved the class. We were super nervous but ended up having a great time.  They were really awesome at the gym and I will definitely go back.  Boxing is a great way to get a workout and I definitely got my ass kicked. I want to continue to incorporate this into my routine in order to get into great shape! Amanda and I will definitely be back for another Box Strong class soon.


Sweaty selfie in the car post boxing. Successful class for sure!

Any of you guys try out boxing? Any recommendations? Love it or hate it?