Celebrate Progress

I took this video yesterday and posted in on instagram today along with the following caption

Wide legged forward fold to Tripod Headstand


"This isn't a perfect video. This isn't a perfect wide legged forward fold to tripod headstand but that is OK. This is progress. I have been working on this for quite some time and this is the first time I've been able to access the pose at all so I'm happy. (As shown by the huge smile at the end lol). Yes my elbows need to be in more, yes a pushed off my feet, yes I tilted to the side & there are probably a ton more critiques but I don't care. I'm still sharing it because progress is something to be proud of. Be proud of progress. Celebrate the little things. #nothingwithoutyoga #yoga #headstand #progress#imperfection"

I am so happy that I finally was able to get into this pose in some capacity. AND I was even happier the second (& 3rd & 4th) time I did it and was able to do it and have some video it for me.  The video is crappy quality & my form is NOT perfect but I am so proud nonetheless.  I have been working hard on my core strength to be able to come into this pose so this progress alone is great for me.

Too often people get wrapped up in reaching their one huge goal or dream.  Don't get me wrong I am all for setting your goals high and having the biggest dreams possible. BUT, I think there is something to be said for setting smaller goals along the way.  Small goals give you something to celebrate and keep you on track to your larger goal. It can be extremely discouraging to be working for weeks, even months on end for a goal and feel like you have come no where near it.  That is where small goals come into play.

I write everything down so I recommend sitting down and breaking down your larger goal (whether it's weight loss, nailing a new yoga pose, setting a personal record on squats) down into smaller steps.  For example, for weight loss--- Say you want to lose 50 pounds total. Set a goal to lose 10 pounds in 2months instead of trying to lose 50 pounds as fast as you can.  Then sent to lose 20 in 4 months, 30 in  6 months.  Not only is this way more realistic but it also gives you something to celebrate.  When you hit your smaller goal you can celebrate instead of being disappointed that you hadn't reached your 50 pound weight loss yet.

When celebrating your small goals or short term goals, don't lose sight of your long term goals. Remind yourself that while you are proud of yourself, you still have to push yourself to be better and work hard.  I don't plan on stopping once I nail the smoothest, most perfect transition from wide legged forward fold to tripod headstand.  Next up is forearm stand then handstand.  There is always room for improvement and always time to set new goals.

What are some of your fitness goals? Can you break your larger goals down into small, manageable pieces?