Changing Your Perspective

I haven't had the chance to take many yoga class in the studio lately because I have been teaching/working a bunch.  This is good and bad. I love teaching yoga at GymIt and I'm so much more productive when I'm busy but I miss my yoga studio sessions. I try to get a short yoga practice in most days and I tend to demo a bunch in my classes so yoga is not absent from my life.  But there is nothing like getting a nice sweat on in a heated studio and just listening to the teacher and following your breath. Don't get my wrong, I love my home practice but sometimes I need a class.

Today, I headed over to Prana Power Yoga in Newton and took a class with one of the studio owner's, Taylor.  Taylor is great.  She has a lot of energy and she always has words of wisdom and a story to go along with them. Today she was talking about how a yoga practice could change your perspective.  How you can take a step back from a situation and instead of seeing it as a bad thing or being pissed, your yoga practice helps you see the good from it.  She related to being away from her family for a bit and coming how to the house being a mess.  She then switched the thoughts from "this house is an f***king mess" to "Aw look how much they need me."

I thought this was such an interesting talking point and I could relate to it greatly.  All it takes is a  step back and a few deep breaths to change your perspective.  Sometimes, it's not easy at all but most of the time it's totally worth it.

Funny enough, I ran into a situation I could apply this theory to right after yoga.  There was a little issue at work and I changed my perspective from "this is so annoying, people are the worst." to "wow they just really need my help and trust me. that's great."  It definitely took my a few tries to get the thought process to stick but it definitely helped make me less anxious thinking in a negative way.

I truly believe you can make the best out of any situation.  and i LOVE Taylor's advice.  Change your perspective and see what can happen in your day. It might just be the best thing you did for yourself that day.