DIY Face Scrub

Lately, I have been interested in natural beauty products.  Especially for my skin care routine.  Now that I think of it, only my skin routine so far.  I'm slowly trying to branch into other areas of my beauty products but I am still a little stuck on my old routines.  I have been browsing Pinterest lately (check me out on pinterest: and have found some great DIY face scrubs. I have been meaning to try to make one lately and what better day than a rainy thursday afternoon between jobs.

I've had all the ingredients for a while so it was about time to just mix them up. I decided to use Brown sugar and coconut oil. I also have some essential oil trial packs from my aunt to try out in my new diffuser so I added them to the scrub to scent it a little.  I love using coconut oil on my skin and brown sugar is a great exfoliant.  I chose lavender essential oil from young living because the scent of lavender is very calming. Great for a relaxing shower!


all the ingredients!

I used a one to one ratio of brown sugar to coconut oil. I started off with a small batch, 3 tablespoons of brown sugar and 3 tablespoons of coconut oil just ot make sure I liked it. you have to mix it up so there are no more coconut oil chunks in it and the brown sugar is completely mixed in.  I added a small pouch of the lavender oil for a little bit of a scent but not overpowering.


Almost down mixing!

I used the scrub in my shower this afternoon and it was great.  The brown sugar isn't too harsh and the coconut oil is really moisturizing.  I will definitely make more when this runs out. Give it a try! Let me know how it goes!


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