Fall Equinox

September 23, 2015 is the Fall Equinox, a change of season, a time to start over. The change of seasons can mean something different for every person and can bring up various emotions for different people. For me the change of season means diving full force into school work, learning to balance school/work/social life, football and fall activities (like the Big E this weekend :) ) Whatever the Fall Equinox means to you I challenge you to take it in stride and challenge yourself.

Before my interest in yoga began, I didn't partake in many rituals besides my silly pre game superstitions before lacrosse and  religious holidays.  Today, I challenge myself to participate in the ritual of doing 108 Sun Salutations today to honor the Fall Equinox.  I know I should do these all at once but I don't have the time with my class schedule so I am going to squeeze in them as I go on my day.  I am going to use my Sun Salutations to welcome the Fall Season.

My purpose behind this isn't to torture my shoulders or have a bragging point (yay sun salutations) but to challenge myself.  I am challenging myself to continue a healthy lifestyle while in graduate school. I am challenging myself to keep yoga a part of my daily routine. I am challenging myself to not let go of my values when things get tough and busy.

Challenge yourself to something new today. Create a new habit. Do something for yourself. Move.


Saying goodbye to summer & opening my heart to a new season!

Here is more on the meaning behind 108 Sun Salutations and the number 108 in yoga from Elephant Journal!

Namaste and Enjoy This Beautiful Day!