Find Your Perfect Workout Buddy

Sometimes it's really damn hard to find the motivation to workout. Sometimes you just need a little kick in the ass to get you to the gym, or to that run or up and moving out of bed.  It's hard to be accountable to only yourself. You can sneak in little lies like "I will do it later" or "It's too hot" or "I'm too tired".  That is where the workout buddy comes in.

Finding the perfect workout buddy can be hard.  If you're a runner, you want to find someone who runs a similar pace to you or if you want to be pushed, someone who runs a bit faster than you but NOT too fast because then you won't want to go with them.  If you lift weights, you want someone who can help spot you. You need to have a similar time of day you like to work out or can work out.  It's hard to find that perfect workout buddy. But it's definitely a doable.... here's my approach to it.

When I was thinking about my favorite workout buddies, I realized I have a bunch of different workout buddies depending on the activity. I love switching up my workouts and love everything in moderation. Not everyone is like this so it's nice to have different friends and family to reach out to when I want to get after it with a friend. My schedule when I was working as a physical therapy aide/personal trainer/yoga instructor and my schedule as a student are so wonky that having multiple workout buddies always ensures that I have someone to reach out too.


My dad-- runner, yogi, athlete.

Running Buddy

Running is a great workout and you can spend 15 minutes or an hour working out.  It's super great to do on the go especially when traveling.  I have different running partners depending on what I'm looking for.  When I'm home or traveling with family, I can always count on my dad to go for a short(or long) run with me. It's a great way to get up and moving while on vacation. Lately, I've convinced my boyfriend to go on a bunch of runs with me and thats been great too.  When I was training for marathon I would do my fast runs with my friend, Kerry-- she's not too fast for me but I feel like I push myself to go at a good pace when I run with her.  When we went on a mini spring break this year, she was down to go on a short run to explore the area.


Spring Break Running!!!


Pretending he hates to run with me.

Lifting buddy

When I was in college, I lifted 3 times a week for 2 hours a day with my lacrosse team.  If you had to miss a lift you had to find someone on the team to go another time with you and make it up.  It was intense and it was awesome.  I was so strong and didn't even realized it (maxed out on squats at 205 and I set the school record for 115 pound squats in a row-- that's a whole other story).  Anyways, with 23 teammates I never ran out of lifting buddies but that's a different story now.  I have scaled back my lifting routine but I still like to lift weights to keep my muscles.  I love feeling strong and I love having muscles (call me vain).  I usually lift on my own but when I am looking for a good lifting buddy I reach out to my friend Katie.  She's a fellow personal trainer and a badass boxer. We always have a good time and push ourselves which is great.

Yoga Buddy

Yoga is my safe place. It's where I go to focus on myself.  It's my me time, my meditation and my favorite hour of my day.  With all that said, it's so amazing to see a good friend at a yoga class or to practice next to a friend.  I have some of the best yoga buddies from teacher training.  I don't get to see them often but when I happen to go to a class they are at, it makes the class that much more special.  I had a lot of friends support me when I started teaching yoga and came to a bunch of my classes (Thank you Casey, Amanda, Yulia, Tess, Laura, Katelyn, Jill... I could keep going I have great friends & a great boyfriend)


My amazing yogi teacher friends.

Biking Riding Buddy

I can always, always find someone to go for a bike ride with me. Bike riding is a sneaky way to get cardio in when you really don't feel like working out.  I can always get the whole family going (you're welcome mom and dad and aunt jeannie!).  When on vacation with the girls, biking to the winery or biking to the bar is a great way to get moving. (Detox before you retox? that's how it works right?)


Bike rides with boyfriend.


Spring break part two: Biker gang takes the bar!

Down for Anything Buddy

This one-- this is the person you call when you aren't sure what you want to do but you know you want to get to the gym.  They will run with you, go to yoga with you or do a circuit workout with you.  This is my let's just meet at the gym and figure it out then friend. One of my best friends from college, Amanda, is this person for me.  When I'm not sure what I want to do but I know I want a buddy I call Amanda. You name it Boxing, yoga, running, weights, whatever she's in. She is always down for anything and she trusts me to come up with a good workout for us.  She even played along with my bootcamp style workout at the park (Check it out here).


Bootcamp workout with Mandy Pants!


Post Boxing Sweat going.

The " Don't love working out with you but I love you" Buddy

Hey Kelsey-- that's my sister. Thanks for always letting me kick your butt. I can always convince her to do a quick AMRAP with me before a big family dinner or knock out a few burps (her favorite of course) to get moving.  This is the person who follows your lead and pretends to hate it but is grateful for a quick and sometimes painful kickass workout.


Kelsey? Kelsey are you there?

Climbing Buddy

I had never tried rock climbing before this girl. A huge thanks to my girl Yulia.  I'm always  down for trying new things but I never thought to try rock climbing. Yulia taught me the basics and led me to a new activity that I never knew was so damn hard.  Now I can enjoy climbing with a bunch of friends thanks to trying new activities (Rachel, Kerry, i'm talking to you.)


The badass climber at it.

Workout buddies are great and they keep you motivated. One great way to do this is to find someone who loves what you do and do it together.  Or check out your friends favorite activities. Tap into your different friends and see what they can introduce you too. You never know what you will learn from trying someone else's favorite workout.

In the end, you don't have to count on someone else all the time. The only person you have to count on is yourself.  You have to be able to count on yourself to put your health first, to get moving everyday and to take care of yourself.  You have to count on yourself to reach out when you need extra motivation or turn in when you need your workout time to be "me".

Anyone looking for a new workout buddy? Have any other ways to enjoy workouts with friends? Want to join me in a summer workout-- August I'm hitting the ground hard- join me?