Flashback Friday: Summer & SUP

SUP with the new way to exercise on vacation?

SUP: Stand up Paddleboards are all the rage. Between exercising via paddling and SUP Yoga, it's a new and different way to add exercise to your routine. My dad purchased an inflatable paddleboard for my family's beach house this summer and I was so excited!  The weather wasn't great for the majority of the summer which led to really wavy conditions(not ideal for paddle boarding) but I still managed to get out a few times and show some friends how to use it.  Using a SUP, really tests your balance and core strength and overall strength.  In order to stand up you have to slowly test out your balance and keep your body centered in the middle of the board.  I find it useful to keep my knees bent in a mini squat and my core engaged the entire.  Keeping your core engaged while paddling minimizes the rocking of the paddle board.  The hardest thing I found was turning the board around-- this might be due to the kind of board we have or my technique.

Headed out for the first ride of the morning! The bay was like glass first thing in the morning-- perfect time to go paddle boarding. Casey looking on so he can pick up some pointers.

Amanda headed for the first time.  She was a gymnast and dancer so the balance came pretty easily for her. until.....

 I had to go rescue Amanda.  Her balance was great and she stayed on the board the whole time but she couldn't get the board to turn around so she kept drifting and drifting farther away from the house.  I eventually swam out to get her and I paddled back in and she kicked for added power.  The current gets really strong on the bay sometimes so it is hard to paddle against.

Casey on his first try-- he had a hard time balancing at first but he got it down eventually.


 I think this is me saying "ohhhhhhhhh" as Casey takes a tumble or more of a leap of the board.  There were quite a few falls for everyone trying out for the first time.

 Out on the paddle board on a windier day. A little bit harder.