Friday Favorites


Week 2 of my 2nd year in the books. Weekend here I come. I still have a few hours of class left but still, but weekend here I come. I have no particular plans this weekend besides relaxing doing some schoolwork and working out... maybe socializing a bit. Which is completely fine by me, I'ma actually quite excited.   Part of me is still in denial that the school year has started and summer is over. So an easy weekend is exactly what I needed. I wanted to share some of my favorite things with you today.


This recipe that I have been DYING to try. (Not healthy but I love buff chick so I have to give in)



This view though. Homer's Hill. Girls Weekend activity- Run up the hill, have a beer and run back down. The sky cleared up after a rainy morning and I could not have been happier or smiling more at this moment. One of my favorite views.


This jumpsuit that I just purchased and cannot wait to come in. I've been wanting to buy a jumpsuit for a couple of weeks now and finally found my favorite one.



My last week of clinical I had an inservice project to present. I decided to present on Chronic Low Back Pain and..... Yoga! (you could have guessed that one). I woke up a half hour earlier than I needed to so I sat in the garden, had by breakfast from my favorite place in Brighton (Cafenation) and did some work while Chris, played in his garden.  If I could spend every morning just like this, I would be one happy camper.


This soup recipe that is healthy and delicious and extremely delicious. I love my crockpot and when school gets crazy it is my saving grace.



Backstory: Mom & Dad bought a new place in Florida < yay :) > back in May because they are way cooler than me and because they totally deserve a sweet vacation spot for those brutal winter months.  Anyways, Mom, Dad and Kelsey are down visiting the new place and I received this picture in a text (along with a picture of the morning sunrise from my early bird father) saying "we went to yoga this am. it was 90 minutes!!!!!". Part of my is extremely jealous that I am stuck in a class learning about pediatric motor skill tests and another part of me is very happy because a- there is beach yoga at their new place and b- my mom and sister ACTUALLY got up to go to an 8 am yoga class without me there.  (I might get a sassy text from mom and kelsey after this, love you guys!)


MyStryde classes, the best way for me to mix up my half marathon training. I've been really struggling mentally to go out on long runs so running to a MyStryde class was exactly what I needed this week. I highly recommend these classes for those of you who get bored running alone or running longs distances but really want to get into running.  It's like spinning but on treadmills. Intervals, hills, good music and a dark room.




This view, this hike, this day.  Hiking Mt. Washington was exhausting and hard but completely worth it and amazing. I had such a good day spent on the mountain and can't wait to head back up soon for another hike.



ALSO: I will be co- teaching with the wonderful Jennifer Hanway at her event Sweat and Superfoods. IF you are in Boston and looking for a good sweat and a healthy brunch come check it out. It's a 50 minute HIIT class followed by a health Superfoods brunch and a short demonstration on how to make pumpkin spice protein bars. A few tickets are left so check out this link and some sweat with us.


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. Get outside, get moving and have fun.