Friday Favorites


This week has been one long week, have I said that before? midterms has been nonstop, school is frustrating, work is early, i'm tired. blah blah blah. I don't particularly like to complain but some weeks are just harder than others to get to the end of the week. My new practice has been to acknowledge that sh*tty week, vent for a certain amount of time and get over it.    Still working on the getting over it part sometimes.  With that said, I am ready for a weekend to relax, have good food and see some family and friends because oh right, I am running a half marathon this weekend (WHAT?!?)  

So to brighten your day, I wanted to share some of my favorite things:


I've really been crushing on one piece bathing suits with sexy backs. Am I going anywhere that I will need a bathing suit anytime soon? Nope. Do I still want to buy one? Yup


THIS video from my girl Casey of Karmic Wellness. because WOW, I have never seen a video so on point.  Like Casey has said, the first step to change it, is to name it.


Now that I have all my lovely essential oils, I am starting to stock up empty bottles and I didn't know how best to reuse them.  This article shows a few fun ideas.


My FIRST workshop at Central Rock Cambridge: Yoga For Climbing Recovery is coming up next week and I am SO excited. I've been planning and collecting some goodies to use during the second half of class. Click the link to reserve your spot!


Some Florida pictures to share with you all! Last weekend, I headed down to Siesta Key Florida to check out my parents new condo.  It is absolutely beautiful and I wish I was heading back down this weekend for some R & R in the sun.


Mom & Dad: Florida really looks good on them


White sand, blue water, blue sky, i'll just stay here for a little while.


I could do beach yoga all day


And this LOL to leave you with...


You know I love squats... so I think we are going to have to create a exercise called diddly squats.