Girls Weekend

This past weekend I was in Del Ray Beach, Florida with three of my best friends from college and it was amazing.  Two of us are from NYC and two of us are from Boston so we were all in need of a warm escape from the brutal winter.  It turned out to be perfect timing to because the day after we left was a nice little snowstorm in NYC and Boston. We definitely lucked out. We hit the beach nice and early while NYC was being hit by a snowstorm.


Friday on the beach! Sorry New England!

I knew this would be weekend full of food, drink and fun but I also wanted to get in some exercise and activity.  I haven't been able to exercise outdoor in so long so I was so excited to be outside. At the same time I didn't want to give up too much precious time on the beach.


Kerry & I went for a run down A1A!

So amazing to run in the warm weather.  I haven't been running lately because I hate running on the treadmills and it's way too cold in Boston so this was a special occasion.  I definitely feel out of running shape though.  It was hot and humid and my body was not used to it.  All good though, we walked every now and then and took in the beautiful houses.


The beautiful pool!

After our run, Kerry took a bunch of yoga pictures for me and for this blog. We had so much fun practicing and taking pictures.  I have been working on my handstands and a few instagram yoga challenges.  It was great having space to take pictures and practice my poses without being afraid I was going to knock over my kitchen table.  I love practicing advanced poses but I don't really have the space in my apartment right now and I still get a little self- conscious in the gym. It was nice to take my yoga practice outdoors... maybe one day I can do that everyday. The water makes me feel so calm, as does yoga so it would be a great mix in my opinion.


crow pose on the beach!


Some hollowback handstands against a palm tree... never thought I would be able to say I did that.


A beautiful breakfast by the water!

When away for a weekend where you know you will be indulging more nad exercising less, it's important to start your day right.  Every morning we made delicious, healthy breakfasts.  It was a great way to get the day started.  My morning started with toast, avocado, overeasy egg, goat cheese, salt, pepper, chicken sausage, strawberries and green tea.  I loooooved it.  I wish I had more time for a full breakfast like this every morning.


Bike ride!

We check out a few bars and restaurants in town so we biked there.  Great way to get exercise while on vacation!


Meditation on the deck!


The girls!

Overall, it was a great weekend with a good mix of fun and healthy.  The two can go hand in hand even when on a college girls weekend!  One way to do this is balance.  You don't have to exercise everyday but you can get up one early morning to squeeze in a great workout.  you don't have to stop eating chips and guacamole but you can start your morning off healthy. You can squeeze your exercise in by biking to your sights and beaches.

I personally can't wait to enjoy some outdoor exercise more often. Here's to hoping spring weather is on its way!