Guess Who's Back?

So it's been a while. Hi everyone,  I apologize for being completely MIA from this blog, but I've been trying to keep up to date on my instagram... <<If you don't follow me already, check out @nothingwithoutyoga>> So a few reasons I've been MIA:

  1. I ended classes and lost ALL motivation to be productive with my free time in June.  I had 3 weeks off which I planned to do all glorious blog things which I kind of did but then I ended up not writing about them. womb womp
  2. I started my first full time clinical and wow is it kicking my ass.  It's a great experience and the hours aren't too bad but I am constantly exhausted. My friends and I have this theory that not only does it have to do with being on our feet all day but the amount of mental energy we are using to impress our new CI (clinical instructor)
  3. I've actually had a social life as of lately- between birthday parties, dating again, old friends visiting, going home to spend time on the beach my weekends have been full of fun and equally exhausting activities
  4. I wasn't feeling as inspired as I had been.

BUT, good news is I'm back. I'm feeling inspired and I want to share with you all again.  I have a new job (on top of my clinical) teaching Burn & Flow at BFX Studio in Boston. It's an amazing gym with a variety of performance based classes and all the trainers are incredible knowledgable and smart. I'm looking forward to continued opportunities at this gym/studio and to share those with you too. (more to come on Burn & Flow and why it's everything I wanted to do and more).

So here are some things you missed in the past couple of weeks:


I lounged at my aunt's new pool with their new toy


I put on real clothes and went out with the girls.


I went through old pictures. What can I say I was always a margarita girl & a daddy's girl.


I enjoyed a beautiful 4th of July weekend in Southold with friends and family.


I've spent some time exploring various rock climbing gyms.


My godson turned 2 and he is still the cutest little guy ever.


I challenged myself mentally and physically.



I hung around with friends and embraced my inner childhood on the playground.



[video width="1280" height="720" m4v=""][/video]

I developed a new obsession with boomerang.

AND here are some things to come

  1. Burn & Flow: What is it?
  2. Why does this Hurt Wednesday's? making a comeback
  3. Build a better booty series (because who doesn't love a good booty)
  4. DIY scrubs, handwash, hand sanitizer & more
  5. my favorite recipes
  6. Motivation Mondays (because boy do I miss my quotes)

and so much more as I continue pursuing my Doctorate of Physical Therapy and various other certifications.

Stick around for more, I can't wait to see what this year has to bring. Like I said 25 is going to be a good year.

For now, I'm off to spend some time in the Mountains of New Hampshire.