Happy Hump Day!


It's Wednesday and it's time to bring back a little bit of Why Does This Hurt Wednesdays? BUT this time I'm focusing on all exercise to bring you the best booty burn yet. So if you know me, you know leg day aka BOOTY day is my favorite day.  If possible, I think I would choose leg day over all my other workouts every time, especially upper body day.

So I'll be honest my lower body has always been stronger than my upper body so that might play a little into my love of Leg day. It's always fun to do something you're good at and not so fun to do things that are hard. So I get it if leg day isn't your thing squats might seem like the devil (that's how I feel about pushups... and pull ups). But bear with me here... If you take a look at any pictures of me in college or ask my college roomies you will find that I struggled with a syndrome called "No-ass-at-all" also known has a thutt, backbutt or just plain and simple a flat ass. Yes you guessed it I was not blessed with a booty.

A little back story. After years of figuring out what workouts I liked, I've finally settled on what I love.  4 years of lacrosse, weight lifting, running and skill drills. 6+ years of trying every workout trend you can imagine (I even tried pole dancing and zumba... I'm not a dancer FYI). 4+ years of being a Certified Personal Trainer and 2 years of being a Registered Yoga Teacher. I've learned what I love and what I don't love.

Things I Love:

  • Weight lifting
  • Yoga
  • Rock climbing
  • Bike riding/spinning
  • HIIT (high intensity interval training)
  • Short distance running

I'm not going to go into what I don't like because I'm not into the bashing exercises that some of you might love.  If I've learned anything in my years of being in the fitness world it's that different exercises work for different people.  I'm not here to tell you what is a good exercise or bad exercise. I'm here to motivate you and help you find what exercises work best for you. I'm not here to say "XYZ doesn't help you lose weight and get fit" I'm here to help you find which exercises you can commit to and make a part of your daily life. Rant over.

Anyway Flash forward to this year. I'd like to think I actually have some a little bit of a booty. (If I do say so myself). I even had a friend ask to touch it (politely and not at all inappropriately for the record) and told me it felt firm. So I'm here to tell you that you can Build a Bigger Booty. Today I am here to share some of my favorite booty building exercises.

Now let's get real honest here. This did NOT happen overnight. I didn't wake up one day with a perfectly shaped rear end (if that even exists). I'm not making any promises by doing these moves you will have the booty of your dreams.  These exercises are what I have found to help me feel toned and strong in my lower body. See that word STRONG. That's what I'm all about. when I feel strong I feel good and I feel like I look GOOD. When I feel strong, I want to strut around in my favorite outfit. For me Strong= Sexy.

So here are a few of my Favorite Booty Building Moves

Clamshells (Side Booty Burner)


Lay on one side with your feet, knees and hips stacked.  Roll your top hip forward so your hips stay stacked on top of each other the same time. You should feel the muscle on the side of your hip working (your gluteus medius), not the muscles in the front of your hip. Theraband goes around your knees.


Keeping your feet and hips stacked, lift your top knee off your bottom knee. Return to Start. Repeat 10-15 times. Switch sides.

Bridges (soo many bridges)


With a theraband to work on some hip abductors


Without band

Place your feet about hips width distant apart on the floor. Knees stack over ankles so knees are also hip width distance. Bring your heels directly under your knees. Press down through your heels and squeeze your gluten (booty muscles) and lift your hips up off the mat. Slowly lower your hips back down to the mat. Repeat 10 times.

Lateral Band Walking (All About that Side Booty)


Place a theraband around your ankles. Start with feet hip width distance apart, sit into a mini squat.  Take a big step to the side and then a smaller step.  Do not let the band snap your meet back together. Always keep your feet hips width distance apart.  Walk 10-15 steps in one direction and then come back in the opposite direction.

Squats (squats for days)


Proper Squat form is crucial. V V important as my friend mego says.  It is a little body dependent so it's hard to explain via words but here are a few tips.  Start with your feet about hips width distance apart, toes pointing forward. Hinge at your hips and then bend your knees. Think "Butt Back, Chest up, Back Straight."

(If you have any questions on your squat form shoot me a message at nothingwithoutyoga@gmail.com and we can set up Skype session or in person session to go over it)

Single Leg Deadlift to Lunge (Hammies, Core & Booty.. Triple Threat)


This is complicated move but it is my FAVORITE.

For explanation sake, start standing on your right foot. Hinge at your hip (keeping a slight bend in your right knee) Send your left leg straight behind you, while keep your back flat. You do NOT need to touch the floor, only go as far as you feel a slight stretch in your hamstring (if that)  (picture far right, girl in all black). Squeeze your glutes and and return to stand, left knee some into your chest. (picture middle). Step back with your left  foot coming into a backward lunge. Return to Start. Repeat 10 times standing on Right side.  Repeat on other side.

Kettle bell Swings (done properly of course)

*picture to come* This is a complicated move that takes a bit of practice so I want to create a video to share with you guys for Kettlebell Swings.

I'm just going to leave a few tips here but once again for more detailed explanation shoot me an email.  In Kettlebell swings all the power is coming from your glutes and hips.  These are all about the Hipe hinge.  Keep your knees slightly bent, send your hips back. Squeeze glutes and press hips forward, powering the kettle bell up with the momentum of your hips.

Elevated Lunges


Place one leg (in this case right) on an elevated surface.  Stand far enough forward that when your bend your front knee your knee is stacked over your ankle (your knee does not go in front of your toes).  Keeping hips squared forward, slowly lower your front knee down to a 90* angle, press back to stand. Repeat 10 times on each side.



So I like to do 3 sets of 10-15 repetitions on each side.  Notice a lot of these are single leg exercises. I personally love single leg exercises.  It works on balance and core and leg muscles. I'd recommend doing this routine 1-2 times a week and ad in a flavor of your favorite lower body exercises for a kick ass leg day.


Any questions? Shoot me an Email at nothingwithoutyoga@gmail.com or reach out on instagram or Facebook.


Happy Humpy Day! Get going on that #bootyburn.