Home for the Holidays

After a week and a half from hell at graduate school, I absolutely could not wait to come home for the holidays.  Some real time off, some family time, some good food and most importantly some SLEEP.  The past week and a half included 2 tests, a practical and multiple quizzes and lots of time spent with my face in a book.  On top of that, I had no time to go grocery shopping which led to a lot of take out food and giving in to cravings.  "Stress eating" they call it. Definitely some stress eating. I did my best and bought some salad stuff (as I call it) for lunch but that was part of the problem.  I would eat healthy all day at school and would return home  for hours of studying, craving everything I didn't eat that day.  Pizza, fries, chocolate, wine it all called my name.  Certain days I was better than others.  

Knowing I was going home for thanksgiving-- a holiday known for overindulging and yummy foods-- I decided to plan ahead.  I made some foolproof plans for me to workout. I convinced my dad and best friend from home to do a Turkey Trot on Thursday morning-- I paid for our bibs best way to show up at 9 am after thanksgiving eve.  Without meaning to, this Turkey trot not only served as a good workout on Thanksgiving but kept me from staying out all night Thanksgiving eve and indulging in too many drinks. Killing to birds with one stone.. into it.  I also decided to bring my own yoga mat home.  I knew if I brought my own yoga mat home I would be more inclined to practice and put some real time into it.  I've become a bit of a yoga mat snob and don't like my thin backup mat at home and could totally see myself opting out because i was "slipping" I know, I know. pathetic but hey everyone makes excuses sometimes.  I packed three specific workout outfits so I would be ready to go when I had some free time.


I will say so far so good.  After a great workout on Wednesday, a decently successful Turkey Trot on Thursday, I'm gearing up for some cardio and upper body day today (with a little bit of improvising).


The key to staying on track during the holidays is to create a plan but make it flexible.  You won't always be able to do your best work outs when you are visiting friends and family but  you can do something. And I truly believe that something is better than nothing.  A 30 minute workout while everyone is showering and getting ready for dinner can be all you need sometimes.  A quick run to get out when the house feels a little too full can be a lifesaver.


My Top 3 Holiday Workouts

  1. A Run around town with a family member-- Explore a a loved ones new city,
  2. A quick 25 minute AMRAP (as many reps as possible) to kick your ass before eating all the pie at dinner-- Pick 10 of your favorite exercise-- Bodyweight exercises, light weights, some "Cardio Core" (mountain climbers, burpees, etc) -- 10 repetitions of each-- Set a timer for 20-25 minutes and GO! Do as many rounds of 10 reps of 10 exercises as you can.
  3. A yoga session to unwind after a stressful drive-- Try OneOeight for online videos- you can search the feeling you want, the time, the place, almost anything to tailor the yoga to what you need right then and there.  I am normally skeptical of online yoga videos but I really love the videos I have done on OneOeight... Lara Heinman and Rachel Brathen have been my two fav teachers so far

My Top 3 Tips to Stay on Track

  1. Pack or lay out one or two good workout outfits-- You can always wash some at home or let them air out if you are on a longer trip. If you're at home- lay them out where you can see them so you can't avoid it
  2. If you are traveling-- research some workout classes in the area. See if any of your family members has a favorite yoga class or spinning class-- Join them. It's always fun to try new things with loved ones
  3. Don't overthink it-- Like I said something is better than nothing- So you can't go for a 10 mile run that's okay! A walk around time with mom or a quick bike ride to grab some forgotten items at the grocery store counts!

Above all, Don't forget to enjoy yourself.  It's okay if you eat a little more than usual. Life is all about balance and as long as you don't continue indulging everyday than you are all good.

How do you stay on track during the Holiday times? Any extra tricks?

Happy Thanksgiving and enjoy!