Hump Day Motivation

Hey friends. I know the summer is ending and I know that sucks (or at least I think it does--- am I just being a debbie downer?)  But as I was stressing about the end of the summer and the upcoming semester I took at second early this morning to think about how exciting the change of season is.

I don't know if it was the cool air as I walked to my car this AM or the excitement of  being a week  away from being done with my first clinical but I felt slightly refreshed.  Now the feeing didn't last forever. But that's another story for a different day. For now, I''ll stick with the positive.


As September sneaks into view here are a few things I am looking forward too:

1- Teaching 2 (definitely), maybe 3 yoga/group fitness classes a week while in school

2- Being one semester in to my 2nd year of PT school (aka ONLY 1.5 years left SO close)

3- Fall weather (as much as I am a summer girl, the crisp, leaf falling weather of New England never disappoints)

4- Exciting new adventures with new partners

5- FINALLY , learning about the spine in PT school (#DPTjokes)

6- Settling back into a routine.


What about you? What are you excited about this fall? Leave a comment to share with me below!

These might seem like small things to you but for me it's something to look forward to.  The fall is also a time to set new goals. I'm excited to have a week of between school and clinical to reorganize my life and set some goals for myself from the fall. More to come on that...