I'm Back!!!

Hello from the other side!

I'm back from the hell that has been the past few weeks.. finals, pre finals, studying.   I've been MIA from all this wonderfulness of this blog and instagram and you guys and I apologize. I will say I didn't fall off the exercise bandwagon and I am SO grateful for that. It kept me sane while I Was hunched over my books and laptop.  It kept my body in okay shape... I'm not talking weight wise I'm talking in general wise.  My body was killing me from sitting so much and being hunched over books and laptops and flashcards.  I can't imagine what it would feel like if I hadn't been exercising at least 6 days a week this past month. It made me realize how detrimental a sedentary lifestyle is (more to come on my thoughts on that).

Anywhos, I'm back just in time for the holidays and the new year. I'm here to give you some tips, so advice and to share my journey for the new year.  I'm excited for 2016 and what is has to come but for now I'm enjoying some well deserved time off from school.

Here is a hilarious parody of "Hello" that I found yesterday, enjoy!