My Latest Health & Wellness Purchase


With the turn over of roomies, the scramble of the first few weeks of school and the change of seasons, my kitchen cabinets became VERY empty.  There were a few weeks where I didn't get to the grocery store at all. oops. So this meant I ate out a bunch or scraped together a wide variety of kitchen sink variation. This also meant by the time I finally got my ass to the grocery store I had A LOT to buy. AND since I'm a crazy graduate student (who uses her free time for socializing and gym time not grocery shopping- full disclosure) I ordered a good amount of stuff online.

My two favorite places to get health and wellness goodies online are the almighty Amazon (prime membership is everything) and Thrive Market.  Amazon has everything you need and is WAY to easy to buy things at the click of a button. I like to explain Thrive Market as "costco for wellness goodies delivered right to your door."  So to break that down.... yes, there is a yearly fee to be a thrive member. yes, the items are discounted from grocery stores (especially whole foods in my opinion). yes, they are delivered right to your door. No, they don't have EVERYTHING you need but they are constantly adding things. no, there are no fresh veggies or fruits.  If you want to check out thrive follow this link -- you get 15% off and I can earn some Thrive Cash! Win for everyone :)

With all that said, I wanted to share with you some of my favorite Health and Wellness goodies, ranging from teas to food to books to face products.

  1. Tumeric Tea: Give me ALL The Tumeric tea. Turmeric is anti- inflammatory and is a strong antioxidant.  It helps aid digestion and decrease bloating feeling. I love drinking it at night before I go to bed.  My favorite brand right now is Numi and this other random loose leaf tea blend that I got a a farmer's market and cannot find again :(  The three Numi teas below are 3 very different flavors of Tumeric.  Right now, I think my favorite is the Golden Tonic.


2. Nuun Hydration Tablets: Nunn are the best tablets to rehydrate.  They are a less sugar, less processed shtuff version of gatorade.  When I was training for the Boston Marathon I relied on these babies to rehydrate and boost my electrolytes.  They are super convenient because there are a ton of tablets in a small tube and you can drop them in any size water bottle. They also come with a convenient break down the middle to fit into smaller water bottle openings or for smaller sized water bottles.  Recently, I have tried the Nuun Energy variety and the jury is still out. I don't drink coffee so I am very sensitive to caffeine intake and the first time I drank one I felt a little bloated.. Will keep you all updated on the energy version.

Either way perfect for marathon training, a hike or just a bad hangover :)


3. RX Bar:

These are my FAVORITE protein bar. Thank you Whole30 for introducing me to them (yup they are #whole30 approved)  There are minimal ingredients, easy to digest and taste delicious. I find with a lot of protein bars you sacrifice the taste for some other qualities but this is not one of them.  healthy & delicious- I'm sold.


4. DoTerra Essential Oils:

I recently became a DoTerra Wellness Advocate (YAY so excited) and have invested a little more in my oil collection. Needless to say, I'm obsessed and have been for a while I just recently decided to dive a little more into the business side of things.  My biggest goal lately has been switching my home care and self care products to all natural and mostly homemade and essential oils help me do that.  My favorite things to make currently are body scrubs and face scrubs.  I have also delved into the words of hand soaps, dry shampoo, bug spray, chapstick and hand cream so stay tuned for more recipes. If you have any questions about DoTerra or essential oils in general please please please feel free to reach out ( I'd love to chat.

img_0629   unnamed-2

5. ALL THE BOOKS: I'm a crazy book nerd.  I used to get in trouble as a kid for reading too much... aka "Kerry put Harry Potter down. Dinner is on the table." I buy a stupid amount of books and I LOVE that my current apartment has bookshelves built into the wall... it's like my room was built for me. One of my biggest dreams is to have a full room full of books to make my home office/library. Lately, I've been diving into some more self help/spiritual books and essential oil education books.  Stay tuned for a post on some of my favorite books.

unnamed-4      unnamed-3

6. Inspiring Notebooks for all the Manifesting: More things I spend too much money on but make me happy. My favorite place to buy little inspirational notebooks is Marshalls or TJ Maxx.  I find cute little notebooks like the ones below $for 5-10.  I use them for everything from meditation journals to DPT notes in the clinic, from business goals to essential oil trackers.  I'm still a handwritten person and can barely use my google calendar. (ask my boyfriend how long it took me to even create a google calendar..... answer: too long) I love carrying around little notebooks to write my thoughts and doodle in. Just something little that makes me happy.


7. Vega Products: Vega Sport Pre Workout Energizer & Vega One All In One Nutritional Shake

Love both these products. Vega products were my first adventure into vegan protein powders and I was really lucky. I think they are delicious and compared to some of the other crap out there damn healthy.  I recently started using the pre workout and I love it.  like I said above, I am really sensitive to caffeine so certain pre workouts really jack up my  heart and make me feel anxious (and god knows I don't need to purposely jack up my anxiety levels).  The one downfall with this pre workout is it is a little high in sugar so if you are trying to eliminate sugar this is a no go for you. But for me, it fits into my diet and my life and I don't overuse the product so I feel good drinking it.

unnamed-1      veg-00705-5

8. Collagen Peptides: Vital Proteins and Great Lakes

No picture here, Sorry guys but a quick google will bring your right to the two brands.  I have started incorporating Collagen Peptides after advice from my Girl, Jennifer Hanway: nutrition guru and fab personal trainer. If you want some recipes with collagen check out her website for some delicious finds.  Collagen is naturally found in the bones and tendons of animals, which we used to eat in stews, broths, soups etc. But in the real world, it's not something in our diets day to day. I am using it to supplement my daily life and am excited to see how I feel.  Vital Proteins is a brand I found through the Whole 30 and Great Lakes is a brand Jenny recommended.  I am still trying both out so stay tuned!

9. Crystals:

Here comes my woo- woo side.  When I was in LA, I bought myself some crystals from Spellbound Sky and I love them.  I am trying to find some places in Boston to buy more crystals and to learn more about crystals and crystal healing.  I don't know a ton but I am trying to learn more and more each day.


10. Amazing Grass Protein Superfood: Chocolate Peanut Butter

More Protein powder because I am a huge tool, I guess?   Whatever, I love smoothies and I'm not hiding that.  I also love smoothies that fill you up and keep you fueled in our crazy life.  Also, Chocolate Peanut Butter protein powder is just pure heaven. Here is one of my favorite recipes with this protein powder.


These are just a few of my favorite health and wellness products. I use them all weekly if not daily. As a graduate student with no steady income, I know the pain of not being able to afford all your favorite health and wellness items.  That's why I try to buy a few things a month.  A good thing with protein powders and tea is they last a long time, especially if  you start to create a collection like I seem to have.

What are your favorite products? Leave me a comment :)