Life Is Good

In honor of One Day Boston, here is the speech I made last year at my alma mater honoring the 2013 marathon and connecting it to the 2014 marathon.  Everything in this still resonates with me so much.  Life is good baby, it really is.


"Why am I running the Boston Marathon? 

Before starting at Tufts, I had never been to the Boston Marathon but it soon came a tradition for me.  Every year, after lacrosse practice I would head into Boston with teammates to stake out a spot near the finishline.  It's always amazing seeing all the Tufts runners, even if I didn't know who they were I would cheer them on hoping they would see my tufts gear that I was sporting that day.  Last year, my senior year at Tufts, wasn't any different.

10 teammates and friends and I walked to the finishline from Park station. Along the way we saw friendly faces and snapped pictures of the flags, the crowds and the finishline.  I remember turning to one of my best friends and saying "We Should do this next year." Not realizing that I would follow through on this statement. We walked down Bolyston until we could find a spot to wiggle in at the fence.  I ended up with 4 other girls in front of the Crate and Barrel about 10-20 feet from the second bomb.  When the first one went off, I knew something wasn't right. We all kind of stared at each other for a split second before reacting. Before the second one went off, we headed to run away- thinking that the bombs would go off in succession down the street.  I was knocked to the ground and quickly hauled myself over the fence of the restaurant and headed to the back. Unfortunately, this separated from my friends. I couldn't get any service on my phone but somehow, I received a phone call from my best friend, teammate and housemate.  All she said was " KER LIFE IS GOOD KER. please Ker life is good." Ironically enough, she was in front of the Life is good store on Newbury with 2 other friends taken in by strangers. and that is how I found them.  And that is why I am running. Because Life is Good.

The events of last year definitely took their toll on me mentally and physically but Life is Good.  Life is good because I have friends and family who have supported me through everything. Life is good because despite any issues or setbacks I have had training I am still going to go out on Monday, enjoy it and have fun. Life is good because I know no matter what happens on Monday April 21st I will cross that finishline with a huge smile on my face (potentially accompanied by some tears.)  Life is good because of all the survivors, spectators, friends and family that will be out on the course cheering myself and other runners on.

If you asked me on April 14th last year if I was running in 2014 I would have laughed and said not next year but someday.  After everything that happened in that week, I knew I had to run. There was no question in my mind that I was running this year and I am so grateful to be on the Tufts Marathon team. Running for the Tufts Marathon team allows me to honor Boston and Tufts.  I am running for the city of Boston and for all the brave and courageous people of this city. I am running for Tufts and to proudly display my Tufts Marathon Team singlet. I am running for the victims who cannot run. I am running for my former teammates who cannot because they are still in season and most importantly, I am running this year for myself. To show my resilience and strength.  To show that, despite all the obstacle I have faced and might face one day, Life really is Good."

Good luck to everyone running the marathon! Just remember the people of Boston are cheering you on and Life really is good.