Lole White Tour

I know this is a little late but its here and I wanted to share the pictures and the experience with you all.Wednesday, September 2nd, I attended the Lole White Tour in New York City. My friend Sterling from college invited me and I was so grateful for the invite. I've been wanting to branch out in the yoga world and attend different events and experience different teachers.  So this was the perfect opportunity to do both!


The Lole White Tour was held on the Great Lawn of Central Park and the yoga session was held by Colleen Saidman Yee and Rodney Yee.  It was a beautiful setup with yellow mats all over the Great lawn, people of different shapes, sizes, ages, races, yoga experiences spread throughout.  While we had a little bit of trouble finding the entrance, we finally found it an found two mats side by side.


great setup

The opening of the yoga session Colleen Sandman Yee had some kind words about peace and loving oneself.  We also opened the session with a chorus of "ohms" that was really awesome. I was able to get it on video. Check out the link below!

Lole White "Ohms"

The yoga flow itself was definitely different than what I was used too.  The transitions weren't my favorite but overall we did some great poses for a well rounded flow.  There were a ton of assistants walking around helping beginners and advanced practitioners alike. To me it did seem like a lot of the poses were for the photo op and to be fair there were some great photos there.  I think the flow was chasing a symmetrical picture and not as much based on a safe and  healthy flow for all.


My attempt at getting the NYC skyline in the photo

After the flow, Ingrid Michaelson held a little concert as we played around we yoga poses with the New York City Skyline!

Overall a great night with a great friend and a great view.  Even though the flow wasn't my favorite I'm so glad I went!


love playing upside down