Midterm Motivation Monday

Last week and this week have been midterms week(s) for graduate school which is always fun.  Last semester we had 1-2 tests a weeks for ohh i don't know 8 weeks.  This semester we had small quizzes and assignments due here and there and then 2 weeks of pure hell of midterms. I'm thinking I like this set up better opposed to how last semester went but I'm in the midst hell weeks so I've been a little all over place. and i'm slowly losing my mind.  But at the same time this is ONLY two weeks of concentrated misery. Last semester was weeks of misery and being a hermit.  

So this is my apology for all my friends and family for being MIA most of last semester and being MIA the past two weeks.  I am resurfacing soon (just in time to jet off to LA and be MIA for a whole other reason).


Here's my Monday Motivation for you all:


I'm going through my Monday like Hey I'm a bad bitch, grad school has nothing on me but also help, i'm slowly losing all motivation and strength.



With that, here are a few of my favorite things:


This tattoo.. daydreaming about my second tattootattoo

Recently been very into French Bulldog, especially this little guy.


OMG HAMILTON THE MUSICAL SOUNDTRACK. if you haven't listened or heard of it yet, you better listen to it now.


Paleo Buffalo Chicken Soup. 'nuff said.

Classpass. My new favorite way to get ALL my workouts in. It's kind of crazy.  Soon to come: A review of how I went to a gym only snob to loving the variety of clasp's.



Happy Monday! You've almost made it through the day and it can only get better from here because this week is going to be beautiful!