Motivation Monday

Congrats you all, you made it through Monday. Quite a feat if you ask me.  Here's a little reminder that you made it and you can make it through this week not matter how daunting it seems. (No, I'm not giving myself a pep talk, why do you ask?) unnamed

You got this baby.

I thought I would share some of my favorite things with you guys to brighten up your Monday night.


So here you are, my favorite things this Monday Night:

I've been thinking of switching my diet to pretty much primarily paleo diet (Thanks for the inspiration Whole30!) and I found this blog. while searching the inter web. Chick's badass

My favorite recipe from my Whole30. 

I've been all about Cashew milk these days.  I've been making my own some weeks but when I want REALLY good cashew milk and to treat myself I chose Nutty Life.

Stole this quote from a random instagram I found. So Into It.


Daydreaming about the next Well Summit. I can't wait to hear about the dates and the speakers next year!

This instagram account. Specifically this post.




Namaste you all!