Motivation Monday: Get After it



Happy Monday Beauties! Another friendly reminder to get after it this Monday. I stayed up an hour later than I wanted to because I put me crockpot on too late :/ so waking up this AM was a bit tougher than I would have liked.  Part of me is happy that I have a crock pot full of delicious Sweet Potato Chipotle Chili and the other part of me was pissed that I hit snooze 2 (okay maybe 3 times.). But anywhos I made it to class and I have a full night of studying ahead.  I went to a kick ass Class at Exhale Battery Wharf called Core Fusion Extreme. seriously kicked my ass but in that good way that makes you feel super badass and ready to conquer everything (well once you shower and eat everything in sight). I'm organized, energized and ready to hit the books ( I know not terrible exciting but hey get it girl!).

So whatever it is on your to do list today-- Get it. That's it.

And with that I'll leave you with a few of my favorite things today:

SOC (dance group at Tufts) video of Sorry By Justin Bieber. They're just too good. I'm biased-- Amanda was in the group all 4 years and I never missed a show. (yes she is having serious FOMO that she wasn't at Tufts for this remake)


Boom Chicka Pop is TOO Good. Thank god it's not high in calories and my stomach can handle it post Whole30 because I am seriously addicted. This is my favorite and the white cheddar flavor.


My infinity strap: helps me open my shoulders and chest, as well as access other poses I've been trying out.


THIS VIEW. As I walk home from the North End. (That's my school!!)

This recipe for Cashew Match Latte from Tune Up Wellness instagram account.

1/4 cup of cashews

1 tsp of Matcha (just realized I put a tablespoon--- WOOPS)

1 cup of hot water

splash of almond milk (I definitely added more than a splash to make up for a powdery sensation but see above about my measuring mishap)

Honey to taste (I chose 2 dates instead!)

Blend in a blender to froth!

Currently enjoying this yummy pick me up!

After that short break of your day, go head and get after it. You can do it.