My AM Routine

Happy Memorial Day all! A huge, heartfelt thank you to all those who have served our country.

On this rainy day, I am enjoying the company of family and catching up on some work and posts for you all. I wanted to share my morning routines with you because there it's something that I have struggled with over the years.  I have gone from having awful mornings to good mornings to bad mornings again.  I have found what works for me and what doesn't so I figured I would share: )

I tend to be a creature of habit but I get bored easily. Sounds contradictory right? It depends. There are certain parts of my daily routine that I like keeping the same day in and day out. It helps me stay organized and disciplined.  Other parts of my routine I like to switch, it helps me stay on my toes and keep my mind active. My exercise routine >>> love to switch it up. Especially when I'm super stressed and my mind is going a mile a minute sometimes I need to get lost in the good music and good flow of a new class to let it all go.

My morning routines, now that I don't mess with.  I like having time in the morning to get ready, eat and not feel rushed.  There is nothing I hate more than rushing in the morning. In my opinion, it just sets you up for a bad day.  Running out the door, unsure if you have everything, only to be cursing traffic or running to the bus= Not fun.

With that said, having a routine in the morning helps things to run smoothly as well and helps me get out of the house on time. I usually wake up about an hour before I have to leave for school which gives me more than enough time to get ready. I'm lucky that I walk to school so I don't have to time anything besides meeting my friend Mel at the corner.


Sometimes I take my brekky to go

So here it is, my go to morning routine that gets me ready for the day and helps me feel healthy throughout the day. (seriously, if I don't do some of these rituals every morning I just feel bleh).

Wake up--usually snooze once (not going to lie here- although I've been using the app Sleep Cycle and I definitely snooze less)

Head right upstairs (i live in the basement) and put the kettle on. I start every morning with hot water and lemon.

To optimize my time, I usually head back downstairs and make my bed and turn off my salt lamp while the water boils. Once it boils, I pour my lemon water and my green tea in my to go cup to take with me to school.

Back downstairs I go, (I'm just realizing now how many flights of stairs I probably do before 8am) to have my lemon water, shower if needed and get dressed. I always have daily vitamins around now too-- I'm a child and still like the gummy vitamins.

After my lemon water I usually head back upstairs to make brekky and organize my stuff for the day.  (almost) every morning I have 2 eggs scrambled, 1/3 cup of sweet potatoes, 1/3 cup potatoes and half an avocado for breakfast (with some franks red hot obviously).  This is a breakfast I picked up not the Whole 30 and I love it. It keeps me full and I feel good going into my day. On fridays, I usually treat myself to a smoothie (or when I'm out of eggs) but eggs are still my favorite breakfast food.


My favorite breakfast.

With breakfast, I have a probiotic and 8 oz of kombucha. My favorite kombucha is Kevita Master Brew- Tart Cherry.

I always pack my lunch beforehand so I have some time to head back downstairs for some journaling and meditating.


Crystals, Chakras & Meditation: if only this was every AM.

The past few weeks I have been reading Meditate Your Weight By Tiffany Cruikshank and I have been trying to mediate and follow the journaling exercise afterwards first thing in the morning.  honestly, there is a 50/50 chance if I get to it in the morning.  I love meditating in the morning but I don't freak out if I run out of time. I would rather have time to meditate for a little longer and journal then to try and squeeze it all in in 5 minutes in the morning. Even If I don't get to meditate in the morning I take a few minutes to journal and pull out 3 goddess cards.  It's a way for me to check in with myself and see how I'm feeling before my day starts.  I have a create your own journal with prompts in it that help me reflect on my day ahead.  The goddess cards are fun for me and I find they usually really connect to what is going on in my life that day/week.

No matter how long I have I like a minute or two to pause before heading out into a hectic day.  Even if I don't get to my full, ideal morning routine I usually squeeze most of it in.  Some mornings I wake up a little earlier and go for a run or to a yoga class before starting the routine, some mornings I press snooze a little longer and have less time for journaling. Overall, I try to make my mornings as easygoing as possible so I don't head into my day stressed. In my opinion, there is nothing worse then running out the door, already frazzled for a stressful day.


Goddess Cards By Doreen Virtue

Here are my 3 best tips for a a smoother morning:

  1. Pack your lunch the night before (if you bring lunch) or plan out what you are doing for lunch. It's one less thing that you have to worry about remembering in the morning and it takes a lot more time in the morning then you realize.
  2. Set aside 2-3 minutes (at least) each morning to just pause and take a few deep breaths.  Paying attention to your breathe brings you back to the moment and reminds you that even on the most stressful of mornings it is all going to be okay.
  3. Eat breakfast- whatever it is that fuels you eat it.  There is not better way to get yourself energized for the morning. (and i'm not talking just coffee with some sugar- that doesn't count- eat something with nutrients and substance- you can thank me later).

What's your morning routine like? Any tips to make it run smoother? Any rituals you can't go without? I'd love to hear them all