My Favorite Month

Happy May Babes! & Happy Birthday to me!:)


Monday my 26th birthday and to be completely honest it doesn’t feel like my birthday has come and gone this year. Last year, I had a big birthday princess bash to celebrate the big old 2-5 and it was exactly what I needed. I needed to be surrounded by friends, a beautiful co-host and a house full of people. I needed the support (and the alcohol) and the reassurance that I had people on my side. It was beautiful and wonderful and absolutely amazing. I really cannot believe a year has passed since then.


This birthday is different. 26 is coming in a little quieter. Less of a need to be the center of attention, less need for a big thing.


24 sucked, hate to say it but it was really lousy. Started on a bad note and kind of just carried through the year like that. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t all bad (Thanks to wonderful friends and family) but overall, I’ve had better years. So when I had the chance to celebrate the coming of a new year  I was all in. BYE BYE 24, bring on quarter of a century. And 25 did not disappoint. It started with the most beautiful celebration with all the friends I could imagine. The hangover wasn’t even that bad. Yes there has been lows and stress and yes I am still in graduate school (not for long) But overall, 25 has been a great year.

25 Highlights of Year 25

  1. Kickass birthday party with a house full of friends!
  2. Realized I lost 20 pounds since January & actually loved my body for once (there are still days)
  3. Much needed Florida trip with Mom and Kelsey after a long semester
  4. Easy, breezy mini mester
  5. Started Working at BFX Studio (now BSC Lab)
  6. Backyard Parties in the Garden
  7. Went rock climbing outdoors for the first time!
  8. Challenging and awesome clinical placement at ProEx Physical Therapy!
  9. Met a new guy
  10. 4thof July Family Reunion
  11. Started rock climbing consistently & learned to top rope!
  12. Hiked Mount Washington with said guy
  13. Went camping in a real life tent & survived
  14. Girls Weekend in Southold
  15. Started working at Central Rock Gym in Watertown & Cambridge
  16. Visited my parents at their new Florida home!
  17. DoTerra Essential Oils entering my life & creating a business with them
  18. Started teaching classes at Athleta on Newbury Street once a month.
  19. Outfitted a Sprinter Van (Betty) with said guy (aka the boyfriend, Hi babe!(Chris))
  20. Cross Country Road trip with the Boyfriend to ski some kick ass powder in Colorado
  21. Acadia National Park Trip
  22. BackCountry skiing for the first time! (& Skinning)
  23. Kickass Clinical Placement #2: Spaulding Framingham
  24. A New inspiring, passion for Physical Therapy and Concussion Rehabilitation.
  25. A relaxing, low key birthday filled with margaritas and guacamole.


Looking back on the past year has made me even more grateful for how wonderful it is. I have wonderful people in my life, a building career and a world of opportunities ahead of me.  (Next time I start complaining about something, refer me to this post. ASAP)


Like I was saying earlier, since 25 was so amazing, I don’t need to throw a huge party or be the center of attention. I want to usher 26 in with grace and ease. I want to embody the life I have created over the past year. I want to spend time with those I love, doing things that  I love and honoring my busy schedule.

Currently, I am in my second full time clinical working 40-47 hours a week so I needed low key and relaxed. I needed fun and moderation(dad I hope you like that one). I needed all my favorite things.


I got all those things and more this year. I spent Sunday practicing yoga, rock climbing with friends and knocking things off m to do list while also relaxing.  Monday after clinical I had dinner with Chris and enjoyed margaritas, chip and guacamole and coconut milk ice cream. I went to bed on Monday happy and grateful. Tuesday was Chris’s birthday and I think I was more excited to celebrate his birthday than to celebrate mine. I love gift giving and celebrating others. So Tuesday we rock climbed and celebrated Chris and it was amazing. This weekend is for celebrating with friends and having a good time.


Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and showered me with love this past week.


Also, STAY TUNED. Once clinical ends I have a bunch of amazing things to send your way and a rebrand in the works. For now, here is an  updated schedule of where you can hang out with me:)

Every Saturday: Central Rock Gym Watertown: 10 am Power & Strength, 11:15 Power Yoga

Wednesday: May 17th, 8 pm at Athleta on Newbury Street: Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils

Wednesday, May 31st: Wellness event at WeWork Boston- details to come!

Saturday, June 3th:  8:30-9:30 am at Athleta on Newbury Street: Essential Oils for Physical Health and Emotional Vitality

Sunday, June 4th: Self Care Sunday: Stay tuned for information on this!

Wednesday, June 21st at 8pm: Athleta on Newbury Street:Restorative Yoga & Essential Oils


Happy May everyone:)