Never Forget.

I remember this day 14 years ago and I can't believe it was 14 years ago.  I was in fifth grade. My mom picked me up from school because no one was allowed to leave without their parents.  They were keeping us at school until someone from your family could come to your classroom and pick you up.  My friend told me there was an accident at the World Train Center. I thought all the trains must have stopped working, not knowing any better.  I knew something was wrong when I got home and my nanny (grandma) was sitting on the couch watching the news and then I saw it.  Growing up on Long Island, I knew too many people in the city that day to count.  I know too many people that lost loved ones and I know too many people who had to step up and be brave. But they will be remembered and honored.  

Always Remember today. Never forget those that lost their lives. Never forget those that were brave beyond their wildest dreams.



Do something brave tomorrow in their honor. However small or big. Be Brave.



9/11 Always in our Heart.