New Year's Eve

New Year's Eve is a time for indulging & alcohol, resolutions & #newmes.  It's a little contradictory but it all has it's place if you take moderation as an overall theme for today.  

I have to give a shoutout to Big Bri (my dad) for this next bit of wisdom. "Have Fun. Be Safe. Moderation."

Going in to tonight and your New Year's resolution remember: "Have Fun. Be Safe. Moderation."

For tonight: Celebrate, enjoy yourself. A little bit of champagne never killed anyone. A little bit of cheese (or a lot) never killed anyone.  But don't dig yourself into a huge hole for all your wonderful New Year's Resolutions.  You don't want to wake up tomorrow and hate all your celebrating and hate that your resolutions.

For tomorrow: Be realistic. Don't set the same goal you have every year for the past 5 years.  Set something that you are really going to achieve.  Set a resolution that makes you happy and makes you want to work or learn or evolve.

And for your goals: moderation moderation moderation.  you don't need to promise that you will NEVER eat cheese again. You don't need to lose 20 pounds in 20 days.  Not only is this unrealistic but it's not fun and it's not good for you.

For workout goals: Set a larger goal for the year that you can break down into smaller goals for a shorter time period then. It makes it a lot easier to see your success and not get overwhelmed in the face of a big fitness goal. For example: Say you want to Run a faster 5K pace. Start with knocking 30 seconds off your 5K in the first two months and go from there.  Start with running faster miles and move up to 5Ks. Most fitness goals can be broken down into monthly, weekly and even daily goals.

More to come on My New Year's Resolutions tomorrow... For now remember:

Have Fun. Be Safe. Moderation.

Namaste & Happy New Year!!