Office Yoga

Here is my twist on Office Yoga:


I am lucky (or at least I think so) because I am not in a typical office setting.  All of my jobs (physical therapy aide, personal trainer and yoga teacher) require that I am my feet all day and moving around. I don't have to worry about slumping over a computer or straining my eyes staring a screen all day.  The most I work at a computer is to send a few emails or schedule a patient here or there.  I am constantly walking around which is always a little fitness boost and I'm lifting things all the time.  For some people, I just described this mornings workouts and thats great.  For someone like me, its necessary. I always need to be moving and doing something or my mind races.  I like being busy because it keeps me organized. I like being on my feet because it makes me happy.

With all that said, I definitely experience a few aches and pains on days I am moving around extra fast.  I don't always wear sneakers (although I try to wear supportive shoes) so somtimes my knees bother my from lack of support.  Or sometimes my back tightens up just because.  Or sometimes my old wrist injury flares up because I use my hands 24/7 but thats okay. It's a trade off I will take and these things are usually easily remedied.  A few stretches, some foam rolling and some lacrosse ball massages and I'm good to good. Oh or maybe I still the heat packs from the physical therapy office and stand with them over my tighter upper traps (one of my favorite things to do). Some of my favorite stretches include.

1: Eagle Arms for shoulders/upper back

2: Calf Stretch off a step

3: Child's pose

4: Pigeon pose or Figure-4 stretch

The foam rolling sequence for upper body is also amazing. I've been trying to do it everyday to maintain flexibility and mobility.

For those of you in a traditional office space your daily grievances might be a little different.  It is so important for those who sit at a desk all day to get moving a few times a day.  It's important for your overall health and for your posture and joints.  So many people spend hours slumped over a computer, their back killing them, their shoulders rounded and their muscles tightening in all the wrong ways.  Just moving around while you take a conference calling or walking to talk to a coworker instead of calling can help loosen up your muscles.  Taking a REAL break for lunch and walk down to the cafeteria for a (healthy) option instead of working through lunch can do wonders for your body. Throw in some seated stretches, even if you just get your arms one day.  Take the stairs if you can.  You don't have to do all of this everyday but adding a little in each day is helpful.

In the ideal situation, you could get a standing desk or you could be on your feet at work more often but you have to take what you can get.  Making little adjustments each day will help you lead a healthier, happier life.