Portland, Maine: Indulging & Enjoying

Two weekends ago, I went away with my boyfriend Casey to Portland, Maine and we LOVED it. I could honestly see myself living there at some point.  It was beautiful and the perfect size for city for me.  Right by the water, great food and really nice people. I really can't say enough good things about Portland or our trip.

Our trip was full of indulging and enjoying ourselves as well as a little fitness.  It was the perfect mix for me.  I love going on vacation and enjoying a few drinks and a nice meal but I think its great to balance to get some sort of workout in-- even if it's something small.

On Thursday, we got up early from Boston and drove straight to Crescent Beach. We went grocery shopping the night before so we had home made turkey wraps and some healthy snacks to enjoy.  After a full day at the beach, we went to check into our AirBnB (Thanks Nova!!) and relaxed before enjoying a night out.  We had delicious Lobster at Portland Lobster Company and even caught The Beach Boys Concert on the pier. (The Beach Boys were my first concert ever and i love them!)


Selfie Stick at the Beach.. I had too.


Mermaid Yogi poses on the Beach.


This stud in his new midnight riders


Portland Lobster Co... yum.


En route to The Beach Boys Concert

Friday, we naturally got up early and decided to go for a quick run down to the water and back..... the hill back up was way more than we anticipated but it felt good.  After stopping for coffee and tea, we headed towards the beach again. This time trying out Scarborough Beach. Scarborough was my favorite! We played Waboba, went for a walk and I did a few yoga poses on the beach with my wonderful photographer, Casey obviously.  After that we headed to Allagash Brewery and stumbled upon 3 other breweries!  We had so much fun and I didn't have a bad beer all day. We went to a later dinner at Boda, a restaurant recommended by a friend and it was delicious.


Handstands on the Beach-- held this for like 10 seconds. longest hold yet!IMG_0525

I Spy with my little eye.


Allagash Sampler

Saturday, we went to Holy Donuts to indulge in a few donuts before our day out and about Portland.  We rented bikes for the day and biked all the way downtown and onto the Eastern Promenade.  Our plan was to bike to all the breweries in Downtown Portland and we had a little time to kill before they opened so we biked around the Back Bay Cove.  It was beautiful but exhausting.  We stopped along the way for some yoga poses and pictures (once again thank you Casey for tolerating all my pictures).  We went to two breweries and were starving by 1 pm so we had a delicious and kind of ridiculous lunch at Nosh.  We hit up one more brewery and headed home, hot and sweaty but full of delicious food and beer.


"Pose with your Bike"


Helmet Selfie- Safety First?


Attempting Handstands in the Brewery.


My buns were cheddar jalapeño biscuits with a big chicken nugget in the middleIMG_0562

Yoga on the Eastern Promenade

Saturday night, we went to an Oyster Bar- Eventide- to try oysters for the first time... Neither of us loved them. We moved on to Boone's for more appetizers and continued on for a night on the town. After sleeping on Sunday, we headed back to Boston.


It was an amazing trip. We ate well and we drank well and we exercised to.  It was the best of both worlds and I enjoyed it with one of my favorite people.  I can't wait to visit Portland again.


I learned to let go a little and enjoy myself but I also learned that you can find enjoyable ways to throw exercise into your vacation.  There have been times when I have forced myself out of bed everyday at 7 am to workout on vacation and while I needed to do that then, I don't always have to do that.  I can enjoy a beer tasting and a delicious meal without hating my body the next day.  I can not think about the calories I am consuming when I am being conscious overall about my health.  Like I love to say, Everything in Moderation.