Post Workout Smoothie

I started my afternoon with one of BFX Studio Boston new workout class Synergy taught by Cassie Brown.  The class seriously kicked my ass and I felt fantastic walking out of there. I also was STARVING. So I headed home to find what I could throw together in my blender. What I made... my new favorite smoothie.  It's delicious, slightly sweet and filling.  

Strawberry Chai Post Workout Shake

1/2 cup of Kale

6-8 Strawberries (1 cup)

1/4 cup of cherries

1/2 cup of mangos

Bob's Red Mill Chai Protein Powder

2 dates for some sweetener

1 cup of almond milk



I am obsessed with the Chai Protein Powder from Bob's red mill. I wasn't sure how I could feel about it but it was absolutely delicious. It was sweet but not TOO sweet. If you want to try some of your own, check out this link for a coupon:


AND speaking of BFX Studio Boston, I have some big news for you all. I am teaching a BRAND NEW class at a brand new time at BFX Studio on Bolyston Street in Boston. The class is at 7:30 pm on Wednesday nights. Here is a slight description of the class:


For all of you yogis, looking for a little extra pump up to your daily routine this class is for you. For all of you unsure if yoga is a “good enough” workout for the day (hint: it usually is), this class is for you. For all of you just looking for something new, this is definitely for you Burn & Flow is all about mobility, core & recovery. After warming up with some sun salutations we will crank it up with a BURN section: High intensity interval training in 4 separate blocks focusing on strength, stability & explosive movements, then we will take it down a notch and ease you into a recovery power yoga flow. You want it all, we got it all & I guarantee you’ll sweat it all out.


So all you Bostonians come join me on Wednesday nights: You don't regret it!