Pre Ski Stretches

As you get ready to hit the slopes it's important to get your body ready for the exercise you are about to do.  It is really hard on your body to jump right into a full body workout like skiing without a proper warmup-- especially when the temps dip low.

Last year I took a Yoga for Skiers workshop with Sarah Lowell Hamon at North End Yoga and it was great.  It was a lot of stuff that I had known already but it put all the information and stretches into the perspective of skiing. The workshop emphasized the necessity to do a little something to warmup if you could, even if it was once you went down your first easy run.

Here are a few stretches that you can do once you hit the slopes"

Hamstrings & Back of the legs


Front of your hips, into your thighs and calves.


These are great ones to do in your boots and ski gear. The ski boots add a little weight and are stiff enough so they make your ankle stay in a fixed position.  For the first stretch, the boots help to dorsiflex (pull your toes up to your nose) which gets deeper into your hamstrings and a little into your calves.  For the second stretch, the boots add weight to your heels to get a deeper stretch in your calf.  I didn't realize how sore skiing made your calves until after this week!

The next stretch takes a little of coordination but feels great if you can get into it.


Feeling the stretch along the backside of your leg and a little into your butt and back.  By pressing into your ski poles, not only do you add some stability but you can stretch into your shoulders.


Kelsey attempting (key word) to get her stretch on.


Sister down!

Like I said, this stretch is a little more difficult and takes some more coordination.

A few other key muscles to stretch are some upper body stretches-- Lats, triceps, etc. You (I) don't realize how much your upper body is working while yo are skiing especially on the flats when you got to propel yourself along.

Another great way to get moving before hitting the slopes is to do some arm circles and hip circles to get your joints moving also.

Any questions? Try these the next time you are about to hit the slopes!