Run like a Girl


This is a great commercial by Always about the way people perceive woman. It was one of th many commercials during the Superbowl but I happened to stumble upon it when it first came out this summer. I think it is a great statement being made. What does "run like a girl" mean to you? Are we still perceiving girls as the weaker sex? Are we perpetuating the idea that because you're a girl you can't run fast, throw a fastball or knock somebody out? I know I am lucky because I have always been encouraged to excel in sports and school as a young girl.  I am also lucky because I know so many badass woman who excel in sports (and in life) everyday.  Being a college athlete  and properly learning to fuel and train my body helped me become stronger and learn more about what my body can do.  I hope every little girl out there as the opportunity to be strong, mentally and physical, everyday no matter how skilled she is at sports.